WWE releases 110 never before seen pics of Legend John Cena:

WWE releases 110 never before seen pics of Legend John Cena:WWE fans are in for a surprise as they have released more than 100 never before seen pictures of the legendary wrestling star John Cena. He made his debut in WWE 20 years back and the organization wants to celebrate this occasion.

Interestingly, June 2022 has been labelled as “Cena Month” by the WWE as they celebrate the 20 long years of the iconic wrestler in the industry.

John Cena is considered as one of the biggest WWE stars of all time and he has millions of fans across the world. He made his debut in 2002 against Kurt Angle but lost the match on 27th June. However, he managed to impress everyone with his skills and body language. The Smackdown event established him as a professional wrestler in the WWE league.

To celebrate the incredible journey of the iconic wrestler, WWE has now released about 110 photos that were not seen before by the fans. It is the first time these rare photos of John Cena are available on the Internet and fans could not have asked for a better deal. Most of them are very interesting and give a glimpse of the wrestler’s life in general.

In one of the photos, Cena is seen alongside Undertaker at the backstage and this photo was from their match in 2018. There is yet another cute photo that caught our attention and it shows young John Cena playing with some action figures. It appears that the wrestler was interested in action since a young age. He is seen in the same hair style and sports a white Tshirt and blue jacket. It is easy for fans to recognize his childhood picture as he looks very similar even now.

In another photo, John Cena was seen attending a bodybuilding competition and supporting other professionals. He appears in a regular jeans and a casual shirt in this photo alongside professional body builders. Fans can checkout the complete set of photos that are released officially by WWE online.

Yet another interesting update for John Cena fans is that the legend is making his comeback shortly to the WWE league. If rumours are to be believed, he is expected to return to circuit by next year and this will be a great surprise for his fans. The Wrestle Mania 39 will be held next year and fans may get to see John Cena back in action for few matches according to sources.

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