Winnie The Pooh movie trailer: That Is Finally Happening

Winnie The Pooh movie trailer: That Is Finally Happening: Many rumors about Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey horror movie have been doing rounds on the internet for a long time. All netizens are confused about whether the movie, is the real thing or a fake.  Yes, it is confirmed that the movie is the real thing and will be released in the future. The Winnie the pooh is available in the public domain. Anyone who stays under all of our radars can take advantage of it and make a  horrible movie based on the icon. For more breaking news follow

Sources Confirmed Winnie The Pooh movie trailer:-

Many websites such as  Dread Central have reported that “The Winnie The Pooh” is an upcoming horror movie and will release soon.  The movie’s IMDB page, production photos, and the whole shebang that is going viral in the media, all things proved the presence of the movie.  Grab the more detail here. Do a simple thing just stay with us till the end of the article.

Here’s a Winnie The Pooh movie trailer:-

Complete details of Winnie The Pooh movie trailer:-

Winnie The Pooh movie trailer

It is an indie film and the photos from the production showed that the movie features horror tropes of young adults in a remote area who are stuck in an odd situation and have to face attacks when they all excitingly enjoy themselves together. The villains will look dressed like the stereotypes of rural folks. The images are available on the online portal. Go and check immediately. The image’s appearance speaks about the main element of the movie which is horror.

A slasher version of Winnie’s Piglet will also be engaged in the blood-honey-letting. It is not confirmed that the other villainous versions of Roo, Kanga, or Tigger will be a part of the movie.

Winnie The Pooh movie trailer imbd:-

Winnie The Pooh movie trailer

IMDb lists Rhys Frake-Waterfield as the director of the movie, “The Winnie the Pooh horror flick” has posted some clips of the movie for promoting the upcoming movie on social media. You can catch the direct references to Blood and Honey on the director’s Instagram stories. In a video, you can see the dance moves of the Winnie in costume with the Floss and the Robot.

It is assumed that Frake-Waterfield is working on it with a different node under the radar in fear of the notoriously litigious Disney. Temple University stated that the  Winnie the pooh is now available in the public domain and anyone can use it. Disney has rights to the original version of the character. So, if Disney finds any resemblance with their original version of the character, they would take legal action against them. The media has not reported the exact release date of the movie yet.

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