Will John Cena Return To WWE 2022? On 27th June, CONFIRMED?

Will John Cena  Return To WWE 2022? On 27th June: Yes, it is confirmed John Cena is back to WWE Raw as the program has announced his return to the company on the June 27 episode of Raw in Laredo, Texas officially. Last time, John Cena appeared at Money in the Bank 202, leading to the “Summer of Cena where he faced many competitions before urging g Roman Reigns for the WWEUniversal Championship at SummerSlam 2021. In September, he decided to more focus on his acting career and his entry into the show almost seemed impossible. For more news follow onbreakingnews.com

Will John Cena Return To WWE 2022?

Many rumors have been doing around on the internet about his returning for the match this year at SummerSlam against the current United States Champion Theory, but now the air has cleared and it is confirmed he is coming back on the road.  Cena has hinted at his entry through the Instagram post. Usually, he posted a photo but this time he dropped also a caption with the post that is indicating his splendid entry into WWE Raw. Theory (current US champion) has been pushing a match for years with Cena for quite some time.

Tweet by John Cena on his Return To WWE 2022:-

Cena wrote on Twitter while theory’s attempts have become the subject of the trolling, “ Hey, young champ, everyone knows you have more talent and strength than me. Don’t feel an apology for that. You need to be proved to yourself that an apology should come when you gave up to turn your talent into a legacy after 20 years, But I know, this day would never come again”.


The young champion didn’t answer him but looked confident about the upcoming match in an interview with The New York Post last week. The theory added that “ One day will surely come, I will be in the ring with Cena. I don’t have words to express myself. But the one thing is clear I have been growing up seeing Cena and want to compete with him. That is the main story. I have been waiting for that moment for a long time. It will surely happen one day”.

John Cena and Chris Hardwick

John Cena shared with Chris Hardwick last year ” I will retire from wrestling if I am not physically fit to face the opponent in the field then I will surely retire from the wrestling but if I have the strength to fight, then I will surely jump in the field to face my competitors. All things depend on my strength”. But now the wrester will be in the ring this year, it is a big surprise for the fans.

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