Why Was Rady Johnson Arrested? The reason, All Charges & Allegations

Why Was Rady Johnson Arrested? The reason, All Charges & Allegations: Rady Johnson’s Arrest sparks social media platforms in no time. As the netizens got this news on social media, they come up with lots of questions about Pfizer’s vice president’s arrest, charges, and allegations. As per the reports, Rady Johnson was arrested from his residence on 7th May with charges of numerous frauds in the company. Now, he is waiting for a bail hearing. Federal has arrested him as he remained to disclose thousands of documents revealing many hazards of the experimental vaccine. As per the sources, the vaccine has already taken the lives of thousands of animals but the also vice president of the company has not revealed the effect of the vaccine on people and animals.

As per the sources, Rady Johnson, the court has approved his appeal for the media backout; however, Google and other sources are concealing search results. If he finds guilty, in that case, he is at risk of a life sentence in jail.


Was Rady Johnson in police custody right now?

Yes, Rady Johnson was in jail right now and looking for his bail. People still believed that he was bailed quickly. As per the sources, he has helped the team who wanted to launch a medicine that was harmful to the people. Some reports stated also that he has committed his crime and is ready to face to consequences of his act. Lots of statements are doing rounds around us, but it is typical to believe them. We should wait for the official statement of the court and departments.

Still, the news about his arrest is not confirmed on the Twitter account, some authorities have declared he was not arrested, it was false news based on an article that is published in any newspaper last year. And the news is fake. He has not made any fraud currently. His arrest is only a rumor on the internet that is surfaced on social media by some people and authorities.

Rady Johnson Pfizer salary:-

His net worth is estimated at a minimum of $8.15 million. As per sources, he bought PFE inventory worth over $3,479,212 in the remaining 8 years. He is currently earning $93k per year and enjoying $10k as an average bonus.

As per the sources, the investigation of his case is still on. But the media has not reported any news about his court trial and further dates his case.

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