Why is DuaLipa not a part of Met Gala 2022?

 Why is DuaLipa not a part of Met Gala 2022? Thousands of rumors are doing rounds on the internet about why the British singer is skipping  Met Gala 2022 this year like she has been banned from the show or not invited this year and so on. The fake information is creating panic among the fans. Here, you will grab the exact information about the absence of DuaLipa this year at Met Gala 2022.

Simply she is busy this year with her concert in her hometown (London ) on her Future Nostalgia Tour. There is also a gig about the LIpa as she will manage a quick trip to Newyork to make her appearance at Met Gala 2022. But it won’t happen, she is busy this year and not gonna attend the Met Gala. Fans have to wait one more year to see her on the stage of the Met Gala.

Lipa also headed her Instagram handle and teased them about her London show and told the fans how is she excited about her today’s show in London and she can’t wait to go and rock the stage

Lipa said in her interview with NPR and spoke up, “ she is feeling over the moon about touring the world again after the pandemic to complete her delayed music concerts. I have been dying to go out on the road of the US and explore so many unexpected experiences. It is a wow feeling for me to go back to the track that I want. Finally, I will be there, feeling excited about the concerts and so many things I have planned to do in the US.

She spoke up about her mental condition during a pandemic, I just felt all the things have finished and there is not any hope to get to the previous routine. I would feel depressed and I have so much self-doubt also.

She also said, I love music and I have another level of passion for things that I do. Things have changed for you when the people have started commenting on you and you also listen to that background noise. When I was started, the responses are like good performance and well performance but I got a turning point in my career and life when the people appreciated her small dance routine video and the post went viral everywhere that gave a big hit to rock the stage. I always ignore my critics to be the best performer on the stage in every concert.




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