Why Fairies Aren’t Nice In The Netflix show “School For Good & Evil”

New students Agatha and Sophie in Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil are not attracted to the fairies as they expected, and there’s a reason for that. The schools are notorious for transforming failed students into magical creatures, which is one of their darkest aspects. In the School for Good, the fairies are failed students of the School for Evil, whereas the wolves patrolling the School for Evil were once students of the School for Good.

Their former identity as School for Evil students may explain their unkindness. In actual folklore, the fae folk are rarely the kind and benevolent beings they’re portrayed as in modern pop culture, and it seems The School for Good and Evil takes a cue from that. As a result of their resentment, the fairies bit, pinch, and scold the School for Good students. It is understandable that they would treat students poorly at the School for Good, given their original loyalties. It turns out that the Headmaster, Rafal, was really the villain all along, because he is adept at manipulating students in the School for Evil to blame students in the School for Good for their problems. As a result of the fairies’ mistreatment of good students, his plot is indirectly aided.

Did The Fairies Know About The Headmaster’s Plans?

However, Rafal has proven that he can keep his own word, and it appears that the fairies are acting of their own accord without him involving them in his plot. By doing so, he would not only have manipulated them to resent the School for Good students, but would have manipulated them to fight for him. In spite of Rafal’s success in manipulating Sophie, the wolves are all turned into living dolls by Sophie, who transforms them all into living dolls. Due to their ability to hide and flee quickly, the fairies probably took advantage. When the School for Good triumphed in the final battle, the creatures were conspicuously absent. It’s likely that Rafal’s decision to turn students into creatures after three failed grades is part of the school’s corruption. As soon as he was defeated, the spells broke, so the students could return to their original forms.

How Will Things Turn Out For The Fairies & Wolves?

A magical fish shows Agatha that she belongs at the School for Good when she wishes to return home. The power of Good magic is shown earlier in the movie. Knowing that the fish is a transformed student, she wishes for it to return home. As a result of the empathy at the heart of that wish, the fish reverts to being the student it once was. As a result, Rafal’s undoing and the triumph of good magic reverse the other punishments. The transformation of failed students into human beings is evidence of the corruption of the school, just as its defeat can be seen in their return to humanity.

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