Who was Kane Tanaka and what was his cause of death? Kane Tanaka: Net Worth, Age, Wife and Career

World’s oldest person dies at 119: Japan

World’s oldest person, Kane Tanaka, passed away in Japan on 19th April 2022. This news was announced by Ministry of Health deptt, Labor and Welfare of this country.

Kane Tanaka from Japan, who was born on 2nd January 1903, passed away on 19 April 2022 at the age of 119. This sad news was later confirmed by Robert Young, who is a Senior Gerontology Consultant and helped in confirmation of her record as the oldest person living.

Guinness World Records tweeted on her death that she was the oldest living person according to data of 2019, and at that she was 116 years and 28 days old.

Her family also tweeted on 13th April 2022 by saying that she had recently been hospitalized and discharged many times due to her bad health. Later Kane herself also said in that family tweet that she was able to come this far with the support of many wishes.

She was selected a torchbearer for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay also. Although Kane’s participation was called off later due to COVID-19 pandemic.

She was also very famous for her sweet tooth. On the day her official Guinness World Records certificate, she received a chocolate box, which she immediately opened and started eating in no time. And everyone noticed that. Even in her final days also, her family members said she still had an appetite for chocolate and cold drink- Coca cola.

Guinness World Records paid their deepest condolences and tribute to Kane’s family.

About Kane Tanaka

Tanaka was born on January 2, 1903 to her parents Kumakichi and Kuma Ota. She was the world’s oldest living person, which was verified by Guinness word book. She was the third daughter and 7th child of her parents. She used to make stones. She had 5 children. She used to live at a rest home by playing board games and doing maths games.

Kane was just three years away from becoming the oldest person ever in female category also. The present record holder died at age of 122 years and 164 days.

The oldest person ever in male category was, Jiroemon Kimura, also from japan(Japan). He was born on 19 April 1897 and died aged 116 years 54 days, on 12 June 2013.

She died on 19th April 2022 but announcement was done on 25th April 2022. And the new titles of oldest living person and oldest person living in females are still being investigated. We will announce, as soon as it is declared.


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