Who was Angelo Moriondo? Why is Google celebrating Angelo Moriondo’s birth anniversary?

Who was Angelo Moriondo? Why is Google celebrating Angelo Moriondo’s birth anniversary? Who was he? Google is paying tribute to Angelo Moriondo for his invention, the Espresso machine today on the occasion of his 171st birth anniversary. He invented the first espresso machine in the late 19th century. Moriondo was also known as the godfather of espresso machines.

The great inventor was born on 6th June 1851 in Turn, Italy. And today, on 6th June, Google has assigned a special Google Doodle to salute his efforts to make brewing coffee easy-breezy. The special Google Doodle depicts a GIF of the espresso machine. The draft was painted by the coffee to praise the efforts of the coffee machine maker, Angelo Moriond.

During the 19th century, people had a great craze for coffee and even they were unable to wait for their coffee for more than 5 minutes. Angelo Moriondo noticed different levels of craze for the coffee among the people and thought if he would produce brew multiples cups of coffee at the same time within 5 minutes, then he could jump up on the scale over his competitors. More customers would lead to more profits for us, that idea pushed him to invent the first espresso machine.

Moriondo engaged in the process to come up with an idea to make a coffee machine. He teamed up with the best mechanic and supervised him to build up a machine that can serve multiple cups of coffee in less than 5 minutes. Moriondo showcased his invention, the espresso machine at the General Expo of Turin in 1884. He grabbed there the Bronze medal and a patent for his invention.

As per Google’s official information, the espresso machine featured a large boiler that offered the heated water through a bed of the coffee ground. And the second boiler created a flesh of steam on the coffee bed to complete the brew of coffee. He belonged to the entrepreneurs’ family and always showcased new ideas and projects.

He focussed on the solution rather than the problems. He was known for his two establishments- first, the American Bar in the Galleria Nazionale of Via Roma and the second was the Grand-Hotel Ligure in the city-centre Piazza Carlo Felice. His achievement proved his creative skills for the invention of new things for the growth of lives. Moriondo’s grandfather was the founder of the liquor production company that was transferred to his father.

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