Who is Brayden Rowley and McKenna?

Who is Brayden Rowley? Netizens curious after he is linked with Tiktok star Taylor Frankie Paul following divorce rumours: T iktok star Taylor Frankie Paul is not on good terms with her husband and she has openly mentioned that she wants to stay alone with her kids. However, the reason for her breakup with her husband is said to be her affair with Brayden Rowley. After this news came up on social media portals like Reddit and Tiktok, netizens are curious to know about Brayden.

American Tiktok star Taylor Frankie Paul was recently in the news for posting several videos on social media about her divorce. She has millions of followers on social media and this news became hot topic within no time. She mentioned clearly in the video that she was s single mom and separated from her husband Tate Paul. She however uploaded many videos with her two children on Tiktok and other social media platforms.

Taylor Frankie Paul and Tate Paul got married in 2016 and they have two children aged 5 and 2. The couple’s first daughter named Indy Paul was born in 2017 and their second kid named Ocean Paul was born in 2020.

The reason for their separation is not yet known and the couple have not spoken anything officially in this regard. However, many social media users have commented that adultery is the reason for the divorce and they have blamed Taylor for having an affair while being married to Paul.

Taylor Frankie Paul has not yet reacted on the news about her affair with Brayden Rowley and it would be interesting to see if she updates anything about the rumours. Even Brayden has not said anything in this regard and he is not on social media. This is the reason netizens have become more curious to know about the details of this person who is having an affair with popular tiktok star.

According to sources, Brayden Rowley is originally from Utah and currently having an affair with Taylor Frankie Paul. It is also said that Brayden is married and has a kid, but there is no confirmation about such news at the moment. Ever since the news about their affair came up on social media, netizens have started searching for the details of Brayden Rowley. In any case, the popular Tiktok singer and star Taylor Frankie is likely to clarify the rumours in the next few days.


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