Who arrested Amber Heard in 2009 in a domestic violence case? Who is Beverly Leonard?

 A big question: Who is Beverly Leonard? Who arrested Amber Heard in 2009 in a domestic violence case:

Retire cop Beverly Leonard has arrested Amber Heard in a case of domestic abuse against her former girlfriend, Tasya van Ree. That case has become a spotlight for the media these days.

Currently, lots of news are floating on the internet pool about the legal fight between Amber Heard and her husband Johnny Depp. Both actors are accusing each other of abuse and domestic violence in Virginia court. But now the case has taken an interesting turn as the cop Beverly Leonard’s name popped up for testimony against Amber Heard.

Amber Heard Domestic Violence Cases:-

Beverly Leonard is a witness to the incident in that Amber Heard allegedly abused her former girlfriend at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. That may be proved beneficial for Johnny Depp but a big question is that t Beverly Leonard is missing.

Beverly Leonard is a homosexual woman who has been arrested, Heard. She said,’ “ the arrest has made when the assault occurred between them”. Tasya’s pendent had broken during the fight. She was extremely sad about Heard’s abuse and attack.

Amber Heard and Tasya are romantically linked since 2008. The media reported that the pair has also secret marriage. However, they have been celebrating their marriage publicly since 2011. The photographer and painter have become spotlight due to her romantic association and battle with Heard.

Where is Beverly Leonard?

Still, there is no update about the retired cop. But his testimony can turn the whole case. Tasya is supporting Heard in her legal battle with her husband and saying the cop was “homophobic” and “misogynistic” and wrongfully accused Heard of the incident and she has misinterpreted the case and arrested her.

As per Tasya, when the cop came to know, that we were not just friends but sharing a domestic relationship, the charges were quickly removed and later Heard has been released. Tasya also added,” she is an honest and brilliant woman and I still love and respect her”. We shared a good time and still, we are too close to each other.

Later Beverly Leonard defended herself by dropping a post on Facebook and saying, I have arrested Heard under the charges of domestic violence, there is no any personal motive of mine.

But the mystery is that till now the media has not reported the presence of Beverly Leonardanywhere.

Where is Amber Heard Now?

Amber Heard is receiving teh media’s attention as she has been facing a 50 million USD lawsuit against her for public defamation from her ex-husband Johnny Deep.

What happened to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

 Johnny Depp has smashed a 50 million USD lawsuit against his ex-wife for public defamation. What happened between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp? So they are facing a court summons and their case s still on the way.










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