What was Kenny Moore cause of death? KENNY MOORE: American Olympic Athlete Died at 78 

KENNY MOORE: American Olympic Athlete Died at 78:This is a piece of heartbroken news in today’s headlines that our sports star Kenny Moore was no more. All his admirers and sports teams are mourning his death today. His death is a big loss for the world of sport as he was the best Olympic road running athlete. His news of death has shaken all of us. Now his family is in deep grief and needs our concern and peace to face the most difficult phase of their life.

Kenny Moore was the most popular American Olympic road running athlete and journalist. He was born on 01 December 1943 in Portland. 1968 and 1972 are the golden period for Kenny Moore as he is renowned for running the marathon in the Summer. After retirement from the track and he started his new career as a journalist and screenwriter. He was also the author of the book Efforts: World Class Runners and Races.

Kenny Moore Cause of Death?

As per a media report, athlete and journalist Kenny Moore died on May 4, 2022, in Kailua, Hawaii at the age of 78. But the cause of his death has not been revealed in the media yet. Connie Johnston Moore ( wife of Kenny Moore) has confirmed his death. She stated that he found me dead early morning around 7 am. But his wife did not reveal any health issues behind his sudden death.


About his personal life:- He got married first time to Roberta Conlan in 1968. Usually, the media has spotted both of them together. But the couple separated after 11 years of their marriage in 1979. After that his divorce, he tied the knot with Connie Johnston Moore and at the time of his death, he was living with his beloved wife, Connie Johnston Moore. Kenny Moore passed away on

May 4.

Fans were crazy about his adorable speed. He has played for years for America and gathered praise from the rest of the world. His news of death made everyone upset. Now, all world and his family are mourning his death. It is very typical to tackle this tough situation for the family.

As the news came out about his death, it went viral on social on the same day 4 May 2022. His death was a complete surprise for everyone as he was not struggling with any kind of disease or illness. His wife stated that she found him dead at 7 am. The reason is not clear yet.








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