what time is the Kentucky derby 2022? Editorial Roundup: Kentucky: US News

Editorial Roundup: Kentucky: US News

Editorial: Gatton set an example for our nation

Carol Martin “Bill” Gatton was a successful businessman and he got succeeded in the business at an early age. After the tremendous success and he held a motive “ to help others” for their future life.

Gatton has told Kentucky,” I want to earn or make money even after my retirement (8o yrs ) to give it to others to make more for the bright future of the nation.

Ha has donated millions upon millions of dollars to provide higher education to the student and other causes in Kentucky.  And the legend had died on April 18 at the age of 89.

After the news has come out, Bowling Green  (home of the Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University), the state, and other people showed their gratitude to the legend, Gatton.  He has changed the face of  Kentucky and offered a new height to the student to grab their future dreams.

Gatton left a living legacy to the students through various opportunities that he made for them. He is a role model for the students and showed the people’s effect of giving a legacy to the young people.

Gatton Academy is Kentucky’s first residential program that is gifted to the talented juniors and senior students. But the amazing fact is that he has never taken the credit for his accomplishments.

He said.” I have signed a cheque for them only, they did the work”.

Frankort State Journal. May 3, 2022

Editorial: Help others to fight mental illness

When is the Kentucky derby 2022:-

Suddenly the death of Kentucky country music star Naomi Judd has scattered all of us. This is a big loss for us. The reason for her death has not been revealed yet but the press got a statement from the daughter of Naomi Judd, Wynonna and Ashley said,” We have lost our mother due to mental illness”.  Though we cannot rely on this statement, we have to wait for the official statement of the family.

Wynonna said during the Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony,” I don’t prepare to speak up a single word as only my mom has the skill to talk to the audience,”. And she showed her grief for losing her mom.

Mental illness is taking away our loved ones. We should help the people who are struggling with this unseen disease.  The illness can be treated with the medicine and support of our family and friends.





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