What are the benefits of curd during summer? Difference between curd and yogurt.

Benefits of curd during summer:–

Curd is used in almost every home to eat. Whether it is in the form of raita, Lassi, buttermilk, or plain curd. We can have it in other ways also- Sweet, salty, or plain. We can even make many things from curd only. We can count curd as a superfood.

In India, when we are having an exam or on the first day of the job, there is a tradition to give a mixture of curd and sugar called- Dahi-Shakkar. There is an old saying that we should start any new work with Ravishankar only.

What is curd?

Curd is obtained by a special sequential process called curdling. This is a dairy product and has more calcium than Milk. The coagulation can be caused by adding any edible acidic substance such as lemon juice, curd, or vinegar.

How we can prepare a curd at home?

Curd is made by mixing some acidic substance with warm milk and is allowed to ferment for a few hours. Generally, we make curd by adding curd or white vinegar. After the fermentation process is completed, the consistency of the milk gradually transforms to a thick pudding-like texture or we can say – a curd-like texture.

When to avoid curd?

We can have curd on daily basis, and the best time to have it is during the daytime. Ayurveda also suggests that we must avoid having curd during nighttime. However, people who don’t have any cold and cough problems may have curd even at night.

What is the best way to eat curd?

We can have curd in many ways. Though plain curd is said to be the best way to eat. Other ways to have curd are-

  • Plain curd- The simple way is to eat it plain. You can chill it in the fridge and then eat it. You may also eat it post meals also. curd
  • Raita – You can make raita also with curd. Its consistency is slightly less thick as compared to curd as you mix it well and can even mix it with water. You can mix some spices also like dried mint, rock salt, jeera powder, etc.RAITA
  • Buttermilk –Buttermilk, also referred to as like church, is another great way to have curd. Chhachhis a refreshing drink, especially during summers.                                                BUTTERMILK

We can make many other things also with curd only, like shrikhand, lassi, and many starters also made with the help of curd only.

 Benefits of curd:    

Apart from good taste, curd has many health benefits also. And these are as follows:

It improves digestion – Curd helps in improving your digestion. The reason behind this is the nutrients available in the curd. By eating curd your body absorbs nutrients from other food items that you eat.

It boosts immunity The presence of good bacteria, called probiotics, in curd strengthens your immune system.

The perfect fuel Curd is the lightest and the most-effective fuel you can have during summers. It will keep you hydrated and improve your energy levels also. Dahi is said to be a great stress-buster and helps in lowering anxiety levels.

 Nurtures your heart- Curd helps clears out and restrains cholesterol formation, and beats down the risk of heart diseases. It also helps in controlling blood pressure (BP) in the body. This is one of the best things you could have during summer.

 Builds stronger bones Curd is full of calcium (more than even milk), which may help to keep your bones healthy. It contains other minerals like phosphorus, which intensifies your bone growth. Dahi can help in diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis also.

Great Substitute for milk People who do not like milk can have curd without any tension. This includes all the boons of milk and benefits the body the same way or even more than that.

It strengthens teeth – We already know that curd contains calcium, which plays a big and important role in strengthening your teeth.  Daily use of curd makes your teeth stronger.

Skin Beautifier – Since it contains many minerals like zinc, phosphorus, and vitamin E, curd improves skin quality like no skin cream can. From moisturizing to keeping your skin acne and blemishes free, curd helps in everything.

It releases stress- It is very tough not to feel stressed in today’s hectic schedule, but to be depressed can have negative effects on your health also. You can add curd to your diet and you will feel less stressed. Curd lowers the levels of activity running in your brain that’s directly related to pain and emotion. Curd – especially flavored one, called yogurt, also works as a great mood-lifter.

It can help you lose weight – The presence of calcium in curd can prevent the formation of cortisol in your body. And an imbalance of cortisol may lead to issues like obesity and hypertension.

It improves your sexual health- According to some studies, consuming yogurt may help people who have a few sexual health problems such as sexual impotence, low libido, etc.

 It improves your skin – You can rely on curd to improve your beauty and get glowing skin. Curd contains several minerals like vitamin E and zinc, and these all play a vital role in improving your complexion and skin texture. A pack of gram flour, curd, honey, and lemon will give you soft glowing skin.

It can even eliminate dandruff – You won’t believe it, but curd helps us in getting rid of dandruff also. Dandruff is a fungal infection, and curd, due to the availability of lactic acid in it, has anti-fungal properties. You can easily apply some curd to your scalp and leave it on for an hour. Wash it off thoroughly with water to eliminate dandruff.

Curd Vs Yoghurt:


Some people think that curd and yogurt are the same. These are almost the same, but there are a few differences in making and in slight taste also. Curd contains Lactobacillus bacterium like- Lactic acid bacteria. On the other hand, yogurt contains live strains of both Lactobacillus Bulgaris bacterium and streptococcus thermophiles, which are very useful for our body.  Yogurt is an industrial product and it can be flavored. The high protein content present in yogurt makes it weight loss-friendly.

To have curd every day will solve your many problems. This superfood is something you can easily depend on in summers.


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