We are not trying to be Netflix we are the BBC… for now:

We are not trying to be Netflix we are the BBC… for now: Director General Tim Davie admits the broadcaster is ‘trying to stay relevant but warns the government to consider ‘high stakes’ before making funding decisions.

BBC director-general Tim Davie spoke up about the biggest challenge for the broadcasters- “staying” relevant” and he also suggested the government think again about that what kind of broadcast environment it wants in the UK with considering the future of the UK industry.

Tim Davie stated in Deloitte’s media and telecoms conference: our biggest challenge is “Are we relevant?” We want to be relevant. We should be relevant.

BBC director-general explained we aim to push out money from the people as much as we can, this is the part of local economic growth and we are passionate about it. He mentioned the BBC still represents ‘great value for the licence fee. However, the concerned people have committed to bringing changes to the funding model “well ahead of its 2027 authorization.

The debate about the future funding has been increased since Dan Walker joined Jon Sopel, Emily Maitliss and Andrew Marr in walking away this year. He told the government to consider the broadcast funding model for the bright future of the industry. He has mentioned also, that we are not trying to be Netflix however we are facing pressure due to other streaming services such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video in recent years.

He has targeted the public perception and said,” stakes are very high about what kind of society we live in’ again he referred to BBC’s funding model. And he also added that we still offer great value for the licence fee. We have to make some decisions about it. We can provide better services to the audience.

He stated that the BBC’s drama budget should be cut for the betterment of the industry. He also told Voice of the Listener and Viewer conference that we make 31 dramas in the year but you have to make less and I am not saying about the compromise on the quality.

Mr Davie suggests that BBC should come upset aside £50million for market research to find the public‘s interest and target diverse audiences all around the world. Changes in the funding model will be a great help for the broadcasters to produce their masterpiece work to engage a large audience.

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