Watch: Cardi B Tries Survival Season 2 Episode 10: Exclusive Clips

Watch: ‘Cardi Tries…Survival’ [Season 2 / Episode 10]: Exclusive Clips: Survival is the most interesting episode of the show ‘Cardi Tries’ where you will be seeing how rapper Cardi B  is surviving in the wood.  The rapper has to learn how to build a tent and sleep on the leaves bed for survival in the wood.  Much more interesting she is experiencing scared off predators and learning protection herself from them.

Cardi B is looking confident and extremely happy doing all these survival activities and tenting within the wood.  The skills are very new for her and a big surprise for her fans and followers.  In her 2018 smash hit single with Unhealthy Bunny and Jay Balvin, Cardi listed out all the things she likes as I like {dollars}, I like diamonds, I like stuntin’, I like shiny,’ and I like million greenback offers. But tenting in the woods is an unexpected experience for her. In Cardi Tries, episode 10, you will be seeing her and her companions fight their fingers at new abilities.

A clip from the Cardi Tries’ Survival Season 2 Episode 10:-


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Cardi B has taken a deep hike in the California wilderness to check how properly she would fare in a life-or-death survival state of affairs with the team. Here Mud teaches her and Crockett how can they save themselves by utilizing leaves wisely. The training and performing of the episode are a big deal for the team.

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In clips of the April 22, episode, Cardi was lying on the grass mattress that matches her camouflage apparel and allows her companions to cover her up with a bunch of leaves. She was enjoying the scene and she pleads with Mud “Not on my face, I look cute!”

Crockett encouraged her by saying “You look nice like that,”

The scenario of the episode is amazing to drive everyone crazy for the show and will be a big hit in the sequel.

In the Facebook Watch show’s latest episode released on Earth Day, where the internet celebrity Cardi B is trying to pick some survival skills along with comedian Affion Crockett and wilderness educator Donny Dust.

Cardi B has shared a post on Instagramexcitingly about her role in the show “I know yall won’t believe it but ya girl was outside with no shelter, no water, AND no cell phone,”,” but I SURVIVED.”



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