Violent Clash happened in Danda Yatra, Nayagarh took the life of one person

The fight between the people of two villages, Durgaprasad and Deulpalli, happened during the Danda Yatra. However, the violent clash took one person’s life, and four people were severely injured in that incident. The police officials visited the location where the incident happened in it.

Still, they reported that one person lost their lives in the violent crash—four people were injured in this violent incident and taken to the hospital for medical treatment. According to the police, the crash happened at the Shiva temple located in the Sindhuria Village. The fight started between the youths.

Initially, the verbal quarrel started between the youths belonging to the two villages. However, the situation became worse with time. Police officials said that the two groups threw stones at each other in the temple. Umakant Malik, the ASP of the Nayagarh, told during the initial investigation that the fight started due to the Danda Yatra from the Shiv temple.

The intense arguments started between the people of the two groups. There was no one present to control the fight. The situation had become worse with time. People became violent with each other and started throwing stones at the groups. Many people faced severe injuries due to the stones thrown at them.

Danda Yatra Violence Police Registered Murder Case Against the Guilty 

A person who was present in the group died in the attack. Some local people of the area said that the fight happened due to the issues of Danda Yatra, which was to start from the temple. The people who suffered from the physical assault were present at that time of the violent incident, which happened in the Shiva temple.

Police reached the spot where the incident happened in the village. However, the officials controlled the public present in the violence. They took the severely injured people to the hospital to provide them with medical treatment. Still, they could not save the life of a person who died in the stone-pelting that happened during the violent incident.

The murder case was registered in the Nayagarh police station against the people involved in the violent incident. Now, the police of the local area will take serious action against the people who were in the violent act. The officials are making sincere efforts to arrest the guilty. Police filed the case against them and then started the investigation on the case. They are interrogating the people present at the time when the incident happened.


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