Uvalde school shootout: Parents angry as Police took long to get inside the school

Uvalde school shootout: Parents angry as Police took long to get inside the school, Desperate mom jumps fence to rescue kids herself. Reports coming from the aftermath of Uvalde school shootout are disturbing. Parents say that the police waited for a long time to get inside the building. As soon as the news about the shootout broke out, frantic parents rushed to the school to rescue their kids. Police had to restrain the parents from entering the school as the shooter was still inside the school. Police had to use force in this regard and even handcuffed few parents who tried to invade the school.

However, one mom who was handcuffed at that time managed to convince the officer to set her free and she later jumped the fence to rescue her kids. She has two kids studying in that school. Angeli Rose Gomez is the brave woman who managed to jump the fence and get inside the school to get her kids back.

However, not everyone was as lucky as Angel Garza who tried to enter the school after he heard that a girl called Amerie was shot dead was handcuffed by the police. Later he learnt that his daughter had died in the shootout. There are several videos about the Robb Elementary school shootout floating on social media that shows angry parents urging police to take some action. Police even used pepper spray and one of them had tazer to stop the parents from entering the scene.

Angeli Rose Gomez drew about miles after getting to know about the attack. Her two children are in second and third grade. She managed to get inside the school somehow and rescued her kids.

Garza also later got into the scene and tried to help a young girl covered in blood. He is a trained medic and wanted to help the kid. Unfortunately, he had something unexpected in that situation. The girl was doing fine and said that the blood was from her best friend Amerie who happened to be Garza’s daughter.

Javier Cazares was another parent who reached the school after knowing about the attack. He was also upset that the police were not taking any action and asked others to invade the school to rescue the children. He said that the police were not prepared to handle the situation and things could have been different if they responded quickly. Unfortunately, even he lost his daughter in the attack.

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