Uvalde Elementary shooting: 11 year old survivor smeared blood on her body to pretend to be dead

Uvalde Elementary shooting: 11 year old survivor smeared blood on her body to pretend to be dead: Stories about the Robb Elementary School shooting has been coming from all corners. Many of them are disturbing and it is sad to see young children having to go through such horror. One of the survivors Miah Cerrillo who lost her friends and teacher during the shooting incident is struggling to deal with the situation.

The aunt of the survivor Blanca Rivera told media that Miah smeared blood from her friend on her body to pretend to be dead. She had received small injuries due to the attack. Luckily for her, she managed to survive the attack and walk back home safe. She was at the hospital for small injuries and later discharged.

Interestingly, the student did fine till she got home from the hospital and suddenly had panic attacks during the night. It appears like she realized the gravity of the situation and could not stop crying. The family is trying hard to console her and help her deal with the tragedy.

Rivera says that it is too much for a 11 year old girl to handle as she has seen her close friends and teacher die in front of her during the attack. She had to go through such emotional turmoil at a young age. Rivera prays God to help the family and the girl deal with the anxiety and stress due to the tragedy.

Health experts also say that it is not an easy task for survivors of such attacks to deal with life in a normal way after the tragedy. Such survivors need proper counseling and they need proper emotional support from near and dear ones. The trauma of such attacks can leave a scar on the emotions for a long time after the attack. In this situation, the survivors are still young kids and this must be traumatizing for them to see the horror unfold in front of their eyes.

Miah is still trying to come to terms with what has happened in th last few days. Her sister also studies in the same school in the second grade. Luckily she was not hurt in the attack and remained safe. Similar stories about parents losing kids and parents invading the school during the attack to rescue their kids are allover the Internet. It is sad that children had to go through such tragic situations and authorities need to take some swift action to control the gun culture in the country.

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