USA Vice President Kamala Harris: Announced a Plan to Reduce the Country’s alarmingly high Maternal Mortality Rate on

Urgent need to improve the maternity health in the United States:-

USA Vice President Kamala Harris believes that it is a requirement to focus on improving maternity health in the United States. Female representation matters the most while raising the issues related to the females in the White House. Therefore, the same phrase echoed in different places, from Wall Street to film festivals and political speeches. It is the 21st century and times to bring the improvement in the maternity.

There should be no risk in becoming pregnant and carrying the child for the females. Maternal mortality and morbidity are affecting women of color. President Biden issued the presidential proclamation regarding the Black Maternal Health Week in the White House. The first time that happened, the White House had supported the black community in the United States.

Vice President Harris and many renowned celebrities appreciated the action taken in the White House. However, it is essential to consider the maternal health crisis happening worldwide. Harris said that it is the harsh truth. Women in the USA are dying. Unfortunately, it happens at the time of childbirth.

Maternity health crisis taking lives of females in the USA:-

The rate is high compared to the other developed nations of the world. Kamala revealed the statistics that raised the concern regarding maternity health. The government should give importance to it so that American females do not find it threatening to carry the child in their bodies.

However, around 60% of the females living in the rural areas of America die from pregnancy complications. It is twice in the case of the Native American females. Therefore, Kamala is trying to make a continuous appeal so that the government should understand the seriousness of this issue.

Government focuses on making investments in improving maternity healthcare:-

She signed agreements to invest money in improving the maternity healthcare facilities in the USA so that the females face fewer complications at the time of childbirth in the United States. In her remarks, she mentioned immediately taking the new steps to improve the medical healthcare stats. In addition, Medicaid programs should cover the support for females during childbirth and postpartum.

Harris marks Maternal Health Day:-

Maternal Health Day of Action 2022, #MHAD2022:-

Many companies have invested in this cause, including CVS, Merek, and Every Mother Counts. Furthermore, they are planning to invest $150 Million annually. In addition, Harris appealed to the government to pass the bill Build Better Back act with an investment of $3 billion. The motive is to support maternal health in the United States and bring improvements in the functioning of hospitals.

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