US Vice President: Kamala Harris tested COVID-19 Positive

Vice president of the US Kamala Harris has tested positive for covid-19 as there has been a Press Secretary Kristin Allen who has confirmed this news on April 26. She also that Kamla will continue to discharge Har’s official duties.

Here is a statement which reads, ” today president Kamala Harris is covid-19 positive on Rapid and PCR tests.” secretary I’m also added in a statement that, ” Kamla hasn’t stone symptoms, and will remain in isolation she will also continue to work presidents of bar Vice Presidents.”

Father Allen said that” Kamla has been close content to the vice president due to their recent traveling schedules.”

57 and as per the confirmed sources she is double vaccinated against the deadliest coronavirus with the modern vaccine. She receives her very first dose in October whereas her second dose was on April 1st, 2022. As her first those who were in last year.

A statement is directly from the White House and this has been given on Tuesday.

Husband of Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff hot also tested positive for coronavirus but he has recovered now.

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