Ukraine Claims Responsibility: Russian Warship damage in the black sea

Nato ship in Black Sea 2022:-

The Russian cruiser was operating in the Black Sea. However, it was damaged during its operations in the black sea. All the crewmembers safely came out from it. The incident happened due to the tense war situation between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine took responsibility for the damage to the Russian warship in the black sea.

No causality happened to the crewmembers present in the warship. The Russian said that the warship contained their missile called Moskva. It is the flagship, which started its operations in the black sea at the time of war between Ukraine and Russia. Then, the fleet experienced the blast in the warship, and it exploded.

Did Ukraine damage the Russian ship? Did Ukraine sink a ship? Did Ukraine sink the Moskva?

Russian Warhip in Black Sea

Well, there weren’t any such exact words on casualties, as Ukraine claimed that “it had banged the vessel along with two Neptune missiles and then sunk it.

There was fire everywhere in the fleet. The crewmembers revealed all the information through the sources of the Tass News Agency, which quoted the information about the incident, which happened on Wednesday, i.e., April 13, 2022. There were around 500 sailors present in the warship and safely returned after the explosion.

The investigation started regarding the incident in the Russian warship, which began its operations in the Black Sea. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian officials have come up and discussed the incident. They said that they had targeted the Moskva missile and attacked it.

Ukrainian officials confirm damaging Russian warship:-

They wanted to hurt the vessel and target the missile using their Neptune cruise missiles designed to use against the ships. Still, there are no updates about the Russian sailors killed in the incident. None of the Russian officials confirmed the causalities that happened during the Ukraine attack on their warship.

Has the Moskva been hit? Has Russian warship Moskva sunk?

Moreover, there are no sources to claim what happened at that time in the Russian warship present at the black sea on Wednesday. Now, Ukraine is showing its aggressive side in the war to fight back against Russia. The Russian army did massive damage in several Ukrainian cities. Many people were left homeless, struggling to survive in the war.

Moskva gained its notoriety when the war started between Russia and Ukraine. Then, Ukrainian border troops struggle for Snake Island to save it from the Russian army.

It has believed that the Russian army killed the Ukrainian troops present on the Snake Island. Then, the Russian army officials revealed that the Ukrainian army officials were with them and stayed as prisoners. They released them in March 2022 from Snake Island. The Russian army confirmed it.

How many ships are in the Black Sea Fleet?

Black Sea Fleet: Size, 25,000 (including marines) c. 41-43 surface warships, plus support and auxiliaries 7 submarines.

Russian Ship Destroyed Video:-

Russian Warship Suffers Enormous Collision, Ukraine Claims Attack.   

Click above to see a “Russian Ship Destroyed Video”.

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