TRIVIUM’s MATT HEAFY To Release ‘Ibaraki And Friends’, Exploring Japanese Folklore

TRIVIUM’s MATT HEAFY To Release ‘Ibaraki And Friends’, Exploring Japanese Folklore: This June TRIVIUM vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, Z2 Comics, and illustrator Half Sumo will release a rhyming book ‘Ibaraki And Friends’ that is a treasure of Japanese folktales and rich mythologies that inspired the musicians since a young age.

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Japanese folklore encompasses the stories that we have today in various forms such as games, movies, songs, and all. The author got inspiration from these stories to showcase Japanese tradition through the graphically animated book.

MATT HEAFY has poured his heart to write the stories and including the stories of the legendary tricksters, heroes, and mystical those are full of Japanese mythologies that her mother also taught him to live a life like a hero. You will get a glimpse of various stories in this book as man/monkey/, the eight-headed beast Yamata no Orochi; all channeled with neon energy through Half Sumo’s vivid illustrations.

The author has researched the Japanese stories for years and got some of the tattoos on his body too and also explore the theme of the TRIVIUM, IBARAKI to write his inspiration book  ‘Ibaraki And Friends’.

The book is the ultimate guide for youngster to gulp up their culture and grow with it. The author has committed, the reader will dive into Japanese folklore by reading this book. And they will want more explore Japanese culture besides also the culture of Asian countries, then spread that readiness to learn about stories from all over the world. This is a life-transforming book and makes you anxious to read more stories of different cultures.

Ashley Heafy has designed this vibrant and vivid guide to offer a new way to make you feel connected with the Japanese culture and a vibrant and vivid guide to get inspiration and to have a life like a monster or a hero that forms a legacy.

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The more interesting thing is that you can get access to a lullaby CD, a musical complement of the book that features the acoustic songs written and performed by Heafy to open even more ways to experience this cherished book.

MATT HEAFY is a multi-talented personality. He is also an avid gamer, a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and a food connoisseur who loves to make a new show every day to make his audience over the moon.

Explore the book to explore the world in a new way.


















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