Transgender woman mistaken for Uvalde massacre killer on social media

Transgender woman mistaken for Uvalde massacre killer on social media: The Uvalde school massacre has left deep scars on the country. Social media is buzz with many videos and photos of the incident. However, in their over enthusiasm to share news related to the Robb Elementary School shooter, several social media platforms have been circulating the photo of a 20 year old transgender woman from Georgia. The transwoman named Sam has now come out in the open and issued clarification that she is mistaken for the shooter on social media.

Sam incidentally has a similar hair style and face cut which made many people think that it was the shooter Salvador Ramos’ photo. After the photos of Sam went viral on social media, many people posted hate messages and she has been going through lot of stress due to the mistaken identity.

In order to issue clarification about the mistaken identity, Sam posted a photo of her standing in front of trans pride banner on Instagram yesterday. She also held a poster mentioning the date to show that she is alive and she was not the shooter. Interestingly, she mentioned that this is not the first time she is face such hate from others on social media. She added that she does not even live in Texas and she wants others to stop harassing her on social media.

Surprisingly, Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar had also mentioned in a recent tweet that the killer was a transssexual leftist. However, the tweet was later deleted due to obvious reasons. This goes on to show the kind of hate that these transgender people face on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, official sources have confirmed that the shooter Salvador Ramos was a High school student in Uvalde and he had recently turned 18. He had bought assault weapons recently and even posted the photos on social media a few days before the attack. On the day of the shooting, he had messaged a girl on Instagram to hint about the massacre he was going to do at the school. According to police sources, Ramos was shot dead by a US Border Patrol agent who was close to the scene during the shooting incident. There were also reports that Ramos had shot his grandmother before going to the school.

The incident left more than 20 people dead and most of them were young children. It was indeed a horrific day for the US and one of the worst shooting incidents in recent years.

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