Transgender Lillian Gallagher skateboarder winning women’s Red Bull Skating competition, Runner up expresses disappointment at this

 Transgender Lillian Gallagher skateboarder winning women’s Red Bull Skating competition, Runner up expresses disappointment at this: The Red Bull women’s skating competition held in 2021 has now turned controversial after runner-up Taylor Silverman expressed disappointment at trans skater Lillian Gallagher skateboarder winning the first place. Silverman claimed that female competitors were ignored by the Red Bull Cornerstone Contest organizers. She even went on to say that she received a $2750 award while the trans skateboarder who stood first took away $5000 price money. For worldwide news follow

Runner Up shows disappointment about Lillian Gallagher skateboarder winning:-

Interestingly, Silverman has now taken to Instagram to express her disappointment about the issue. The competition was held in Nebraska in December 2021. Trans skateboarder Gallagher won the main competition along with the Best Trick contest. Silverman has said that she had complained about the issue to Red Bull authorities at that time itself but her pleas were ignored.

Silverman raised her voice:-

 Transgender Lillian Gallagher skateboarder winner

She said that she had even mailed her complaint to the authorities and did not get any response from them. She even posted a copy of the email on her social media page. The issue has received mixed responses online and many people have supported Silverman for raising her voice against such issues. But there are others who have criticized her and asked her to be more understanding towards the transgender community.

Silverman Statement:-

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Silverman said that she had been skateboarding for 11 years and participated in several competitions. She mentioned that she had been in three different competitions which had trans women and she was the runner-up in two of those competitions. Even in the previous Redbull competition, she stood second.

Things Runner up mentioned in her mail:-

Taylor Silverman email



In her mail to the Red Bull authorities, Silverman mentioned that they need to do the right thing even if it is not a popular thing. There are many concerns raised when trans women participate in all women’s competitions. This becomes a disadvantage for normal women as trans women have a biological advantage and they can perform better on many occasions. There is a lot of debate going on about allowing trans women to participate in a competition that is meant only for women.

Transgender Lillian Gallagher skateboarder winner responds on the issue:-

lilian gallaghor 1


The trans woman who won the competition is yet to respond on the issue. In the same manner, even the authorities of Red Bull have not yet responded to the issue in public. Silverman’s post has since then gone viral and it would be interesting to see the response of authorities in this regard. The runner-up had posted the matter on her Instagram page on Tuesday.

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