How to Transfer Paytm Gift Voucher to Wallet? 

Transfer Paytm Gift Voucher to Wallet: The most common feature available in the Paytm app is the Paytm wallet. The users can easily ‘transfer the Gift Voucher and money to wallet‘ to the bank instantly to the bank. Additionally, the users are getting the wallet-enhancing facility.

It enhances the digital money transfer of the user in the best possible way. The things are becoming convenient for the users to transfer the money to other people with just one tap on their smartphones.

It is possible by using the Paytm application. Additionally, it contains a wallet for transactions done smoothly. However, Paytm does charge a single penny for transferring from your Paytm account to other different bank accounts of banks.

You can send the money from your Paytm wallet or recipient bank. The money transfer is available if the recipient is not a Paytm user.

Go through the blog and check out how the payment process through the Paytm wallet works. Furthermore, you can look into how you can use the Paytm gift card to get the benefits. It provides you with online transactions in a hassle-free way.

All of these can become convenient for you to handle. Meanwhile, we guided all these things through the article. The process of payment and using the gift card is simple for you. You have to follow all these steps discussed in the blog properly.

If you face any issue in the transaction then you may also contact Paytm Customer Care Number for Refund Money Transfer.

The process of transferring money from wallet to bank account:-

The procedure is simple to guide regarding transferring money from the wallet through any bank account. The blog gives you a simple idea about the Paytm wallet payment system. Consider the following steps for transferring money from wallet to bank account:

  • Open the Paytm app.
  • Then, scroll down to the My Paytm section of the Paytm Wallet.
  • You can see the Pay option available in the Paytm Wallet.
  • Other options include transferring to the bank, sending a gift voucher, and automatically adding money.
  • You can use the transfer money directly to the bank account.
  • If you want your bank account in Paytm, add the account information and IFSC code.
  • Therefore, you get the option to pay the money. You can make the payment by clicking on the payment option. A QR scan opens you can scan the UPI or recipient code.
  • Then, the two payment accounts have linked you can make the payment through the bank accounts. You can enter the mobile number to start with the payment procedure.
  • You get the two options for payment by wallet and bank account.

You can also watch this video from the Ajay Bhardwaj YT 2 this video will definetely help you and then transferring money from wallet to bank account will be easy for you guys.

Send Money through Paytm Wallet:-

On the other hand, you want to send the ‘money through Paytm wallet‘. You must make the payment through the debit and credit cards available.

The feature of the automatic adds money option is available. You can fix the payment to make it regularly. The balance of the wallet appears on the right of the wallet.

You have the facility available to make the payment through the wallet anytime and anywhere. All these facilities are available to you to pay and receive the money.

What is Paytm Gift Cards Activation?

Paytm is one of India’s largest wallets for receiving and making payments. It is a mobile e-commerce platform and one-stop destination to make online payments, recharge, and bill payments. Use the Paytm wallet to recharge mobile phones, DTH, and make credit card payments on it.

All these facilities are available on the Paytm wallet with one tap only. What more facilities are you getting in the Paytm wallet? It includes mobile bills payment, electricity bills, and other utility bills without any trouble.

All these can happen by using the Paytm vouchers. You can get these gift cards when you pay for booking movie tickets and recharges. Then, Paytm provides you with the benefit of the gift card cashback offer.

When to use Paytm Gift Cards?

You use the gift card in the stipulated time. In that case, you can benefit from the cashback offer in it. The duration of the Paytm gift cards is from 6 to 12 months from the value of Rs. 50 to Rs. 500. Additionally, you have to use the gift cards before expiry to get their benefits.

Where can you make use of the Paytm Gift Cards?

Paytm gift cards are the easiest way by which you can do cashless transactions. You can use the gift cards to order food, mobile recharge, and book movie tickets. Additionally, you can grab the discount offers by booking the tickets to the adventure park. The vouchers are available in Rs. 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000. Meanwhile, you have the vouchers available with you unused. You can sell these vouchers to online portals such as Zinjoy.

How to use Paytm Gift Cards?

Moreover, you plan to start the process, then verify your Paytm account and gift card on the enjoy website. Then, add the details on the website and accept all the terms and conditions. Now, you are ready to start using the Zinjoy portal to sell the gift cards on it.

You make the payment and receive ‘money through the Paytm wallet’. There is no need to worry about it. The app received approval from RBI. Therefore, it is safe and convenient to use the application online for payment purposes.

How Paytm Wallet is useful?

Paytm Wallet is among the secure wallet system to do the recharge, shop online, and pay your friends and clients. If you want to do the UPI, there is no requirement to do the KYC.

Paytm KYC process:-

Meanwhile, you did the little KYC to add your account on Paytm. It becomes possible for you to make the payment of Rs. 10,000, and you did the complete KYC process. You can make the payment of Rs. 1 lakh by using the Paytm wallet app.



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