Possible tornado damage in North Charlestown but it has not been confirmed by the concerned authority

Possible tornado damage in North Charlestown but it has not been confirmed by the concerned authority: Several acute thunderstorms and waves have caught some parts of New Hampshire on Monday evening and may be caused serious damage to the city. It seemed that a possible tornado may touch down in North Charlestown. But the National Weather Service has not made any statement about its loss. However, the team has said that they have sent a team to the area to determine the damage on Tuesday.

This was a matter of around 10:30 and there were 4,100 customers across the state. All were at risk of their lives but the media has not reported any damage to human life. The whole scenario was horrible for all who were crossing the city. Trees were falling frequently with lighting and rain that make the people come out of their vehicles to save their life. Some people have managed across the city to avoid the falling tree and the risk of their life. The crew has been working since night to restore the power but only a few hundred have reported there. Concerned authorities are investigating the matter to estimate the exact loss that the tornado made in North Charlestown.

The storm dropped lots of trees and powerlines into roadways. The police department and fire authorities responded to the area of Route 12 near Ox Brook Road, River Road and other affected areas to help the people who were stuck there. People also captured the videos and photos of the live stream and posted them on social media. They shared some photos of vehicles that were damaged due to heavy wind and storm.

Jason Byrne, a driver who was driving his jeep in Charlestown around 6 p.m stated that suddenly the storm wind started to hit his jeep and it was very difficult for him to handle the situation. The wind flew out the windows of his jeep when he was driving on route 12 of the city. Further, he shared his horrible experience,” I ducked down to protect myself and I stopped my jeep and then I have got chance, again I started to drive in hope to find the safe place for myself”. The wind was too powerful as the trees were falling speedily one by one. Many other drivers were also stuck on the way due to this horrible tornado.

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