TikTok new ad product is giving a chance to partner with marketers: 

TikTok’s new ad product is giving a chance to partner with marketers: Who doesn’t know the leading app TikTok? Almost everyone is using that. People like to make short videos and upload them on TikTok for their fans and followers. TikTok also keeps on launching new features for its users.

 TikTok Announcement:-

Today, It announced that it is launching a new product, which is called branded mission. And this will allow its users or creators to connect directly with the brands. And they may get rewards points as well. With this, the advertisers get more crows through these creators.

Creators launch new plans:-

Creators launch new plans and encourage creators to add them, by doing this, creators will get more likes and followers as well as the reward points. And on the other hand, the advertisers will get more users.


In this, creators can decide which brand mission they want to participate in . They will be having many options for that. Here, all the creators are 18+ years old. And must be having at least 1000 followers to participate in this companion. And after that, the advertisers choose which creator they want to give them add to publish on their TikTok channel.

This Branded mission is in beta testing now and is available to the brands for more than 12 markets. And this will be finally available for creators by the end of this year.

This is a two-way deal between the advertisers and the video creators.


This is a social media platform, which gives a chance to its users to make and share short videos. This app is getting very famous these days. Most people use it to show their talents such as dancing, singing, and acting to their fans and followers. The mostly young generation is using this app to show their talent.

This TikTok app is owned by a Chinese company, named Byte Dance Ltd. This app is very famous as Douyin in China and it is a video-focused networking site, which allows users to make short videos of 15 seconds to 10 minutes long videos. It was launched in 2017 for Android and iOS both operating systems.

It keeps on launching new features and ads for its creators so that they can enjoy them and make new kinds of videos every time.

Recently it launched a sad face feature on TikTok and which got viral. And now this two-way engagement, allows its creators to make videos in a new way as well as gives a chance to get more rewards as well.

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