Thora Birch Now And Then: She Looks Back on Filming 1995’s’:  She Stated, ‘It Was A Defining Moment Of My Life’ 

Thora Birch Now And Then: She Looks Back on Filming 1995’s:  She Stated, ‘It Was A Defining Moment Of My Life’: Thora Birch spoke up with the fans about the legacy of the ‘Now And Then’ film that was kicked off in the cinemas in 1995 when she was just 13- year-old.

Thora Birch

Now she is a 40-year-old actress reflecting on her time on the set of the movie ‘Now And Then’ with the Weekly US, and said, “it was a wonderful experience for me but we also had some challenges due to the filming of the movie. We were a group of four girls and we all were 12 to 14 years, old girls. I love these ladies too much. We all performed our roles perfectly and enjoyed all the time during shooting. Goby Hoffman performed the role of Samantha. Christina Ricci played the role of Roberta and Aston Moore was in the role of Chrissy. She has remembered the star Aston Moore as she died of an accidental heroin overdose in 2007 at age 26. I missed her so much. For world, news follow

Actors to the Main Characters of the Movie:-

Thora Birch



Besides these, all actresses the movie starred some of Hollywood’s biggest heavy hitters at that time such as Demi Moore, Rite Wilson, and Melanie Griffith who performed as supporter actors to the main characters of the movie.


Thora Birch Statement:-

Thora Birch

She has also explained to the outlet,” Like an L. A  girl, that was not a part of our experience of riding bikes around and feeling that freedom that was a part of the experience of boys at that time. But we all tapped the role of these bike ridder girls as well and we have enjoyed that freedom to ride the bike for two-three kilometers or something like that. That was a long journey for us but we all enjoyed it in all swings of mood. This was a huge, huge endeavor for us “.

The bike experience was a fond memory of the movie for us. All the girls of her age gave stunning performances in the movie and also support to each-other. I liked the spirit of the girls acting in the movie.

She spoke up about her nervousness about the filming of the movie, “we all were 12 to 14 years old girls and if anybody knows anything about 12 to 14-year-old girls, it doesn’t go well,”. Well, it was a great movie for her and helpful for her growth in her career.

“It was a defining moment of my life, living that life to rock everything you want, it was fantastic and  I enjoyed the shooting of the movie”.

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