Thomas Cup Badminton: Here is a scoop about a historic final for India against Indonesia

Thomas Cup Badminton: Here is a scoop about a historic final for India against Indonesia: India has created a new history by defeating Denmark in Thailand on Friday and reaching the finals of the Thomas Cup for the first time. It was a momentum moment for the team as they are racing first time to win the gold trophy for India. For world, news follow

India will face Indonesia to take over the victory in Thomas Cup, in Bangkok on Sunday. Player HS Prannoy made the dream of India come true by securing vital points in the match against Denmark. Viktor Axelsen provided the early inspiration to win the match and seal a 21-13, 21-13 victory in 49 minutes. The match was deadlocked in a 2-2 tie. The more interesting thing is that the 13th ranked RasmusGemke could not able to take over the 23 ranked players Prannoy. The player moved the entire match in India’s favour and India got victory over Denmark and hit the final match for the Thomas Cup.

India’s history of the tournament of Thomas Cup Badminton:-

India played in the semifinal in 1952, 1955 and 1979 but the country never reach the gold trophy. This victory is the golden chance for India to take the owner of the Thomas Cup winner this year.

China won the title of Thomas Cup Badminton three times:-

China won the title of Thomas Cup badminton three times, first in 2020, second in 2012 and third in 2018. Japan won this title in 2014 and Denmark won the title in 2016. Indonesia was the champion of this honour in 2021. This time the ball may be in the court of India.

Indians teams to win the Thomas Cup Badminton championship:-

Thomas Cup badminton

HS Prannoy said after Malaysia’s win, “ I think this is one of the best team of Indians teams to win the Thomas Cup champion this year ”. He further stated that everyone in the team is positive and wants to prove a point. The team will surely set an example for the next generation team of India. We are going to fight the final match to bring the trophy honour this time and we will give our 100% to win the trophy”. The major part of India’s s win depends on the single player for this tie LakshyaSen, SrikanthKidambi and HS Prannoy are all standing a good chance in their ties.

Former India coach Vimal Kumar stated,” this time we have a good and balanced team and doubles are also contributing immensely. All the players well played and gave their efforts to pull the match in their favour from a close situation. We have fifty-fifty chances to win the match against Indonesia”.

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