The Second Time Kanye West Has Been Suspended From Instagram, He Goes Extra Antisemitic

It’s Kanye West’s turn to exploit the “free speech” haven of Parler by posting more antisemitic comments without having to reap any consequences (human rights violations).

Parler was first used by the rapper a few weeks ago after his suspension from both Instagram and Twitter, when it was announced he would purchase it. However, despite having an impending stake in the company, Ye only posted sporadically for a few days, until he was banned from Instagram again over the weekend.

Obviously, West continued spewing indefensible hate speech when he returned to Parler. A screen-grab of Russell Simmons’ text message conversation got him booted from Instagram in the first place: He shared the same offending photo that got him booted off Instagram in the first place: He denied numerous allegations of rape and sexual assault. “I am staying in America,” West replied when Simmons suggested that he consider moving abroad to rebuild his empire. It’s my responsibility to negotiate fair contracts with the Jewish business people. Or I’ll doom myself.”

It was captioned, “I got kicked off Instagram for 30 days for telling Russell Simmons I would reform the business practices of you know who.”.

In his first post, West accused his former custody lawyer, Robert Cohen, of making a racist comment during their first meeting. After asking Cohen why a Black woman was present at the meeting, West alleged that he received the following response: “[Cohen] replied, Chris Rock told me that I needed a black lawyer. He didn’t say she was a great lawyer. He just said that I hired her because she was black.”

He claimed that Cohen told West, at the “last and final meeting,” that if he continued to make antisemitic statements, he would lose custody of his children. As West wrote, “So I get this straight. I’m anti Semitic if I complain about Jewish business practices. So, according to my custody lawyer, you’ll lose custody of your kids if you complain about getting things done wrong in business. This was the guy on my side.”

Rolling Stone reached out to Cohen for comment, but he did not respond immediately.

In addition to a literal description of antisemitism (I am not sure what he was trying to prove with that one), West also posted a message expressing displeasure with a former collaborator, Q-Tip, who expressed his support for Jewish people in response to West’s offensive remarks. The rapper, who wrote, “Never meet your heroes,” seemed to lose it when he expressed solidarity with a community he has demonized over the past month, instead of with himself.

According to West’s Parler posts, he didn’t realize he had been antisemitic until he “apologized” for his recent behavior.

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