The reason behind the ‘Lady in the Lake’ killer free to rape again… again

The reason behind the ‘Lady in the Lake’ killer free to rape again… again: Finally, the man has been declared guilty of murdering a lady after 35 years. At that time, that lady was found bound and gagged in the lake. The name of that woman was Shani Warren, who used to live in Stoke Poges. In April 1987, she was found dead in Taplow Lake, Buckinghamshire. For more worldwide news follow

The Court declared Robertson of indecent assault and murder of that 26-year-old lady. And this 66-year-old person was found guilty of the kidnapping and rape of a 16 years old girl as well. He was a serial offender, who attacked before and after the murder of Shani Warren.

He was locked up for his whole life for preying on 11 years old many girls with the knives, and bottling them in the 1980s. But he managed to come out the jail because of his sources. And that lady, Shani warren, was known as Lady in the lake after her body was found in the lake in 1987.

Unfortunately, her parents died before knowing the truth about her. His brother said that it is very tough to live without their family members. He was very close to his sister, Shani warren. She was the light of their family. After her death, her parents were never fine; and left the world.

But Yesterday, he was found guilty of the rape 6 years back. And according to reports, he has done many more rapes and murders as well. During these 20 years of terror, he attacked many women cruel rape and murdered them.

When he was in court yesterday, there was a long list of questions like why it took so long for justice and how he was able to do the same thing again and again.  Shani’s brother Stephen Warren said that we can even imagine the last time Shani. But yes any justice will be less for him, as he always does the same blunder again and again.

Miss Warren

She was just 26 years old at that time. And it was a good Friday that day. She went to their lawn only to cut the grass and never came back. Everyone was tensed for her. It was thought that there was some fault in the car gearbox and that’s why she had to stay there only.

And next day, a dog walker found her dead body in the lake. She was tagged with a cloth. Her hands and legs were tied tightly with the rope.

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