The Nazi Dressed Man Had To Leave A Manhattan Bar Because Of Outrage

New York City bar patrons kicked out a guy dressed in full Nazi uniform over the weekend after he caused outrage.

It happened at Fanelli Café in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood on Saturday night when the unidentified man entered.

As soon as the man sat down at the bar, he was denied service. After causing more outrage, he was forced to leave.

“Whats wrong with you?” one patron asked. ‘You wanna get f-ed up?’ Leave for your own safety.”

He left Fanelli Café saying, “F— you, mate.”.

Almost immediately after the encounter, a 17-second video went viral.

The video shows a man in full Nazi regalia, including a widely condemned swastika armband, walking into Fanelli Cafe in Soho in full Nazi regalia.

Some people wrote, “Shocked no one punched his smirking face,” however, other wrote, “I’m not surprised.”

It’s Halloween, so can I dress up as the KKK and say it’s Halloween?” argued one Twitter user.

Adding to this argument, another user argued, “Why is he mad at getting kicked out? He thought people shouldn’t get upset at him because he was wearing a costume, didn’t he?”?!? !

In retaliation for dressing as a Nazi, the man received backlash just days after Kanye West was canceled for promoting destructive and anti-Semitic rhetoric on social media and in interviews.

The 45-year-old rapper tweeted earlier this month that he’d be going death con 3 on Jewish people when he woke up.

Funny part is that I’m not anti-semitic because Black people are also Jews. You’ve been trying to blackball anyone who opposes your agenda.

On social media, users are calling for the Nazi who dressed up in Soho on Saturday night to be identified and his performance canceled.

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