The mystery deepens on Russian oligarch, his wife and daughter’s death

The mystery deepens on Russian oligarch, his wife and daughter’s death: 55 Years old Sergey Protosenya, his wife Natalia, 53, and his young daughter’s bodies were found on Tuesday. Her daughter, Maria, was just 18 years old. His family was vacationing in their Spanish house at that time.

This couple had a teenage son also, and did not bring them on this vacation, he was there at home only. As he was not willing to go there for the vacations. Their bodies were found on Tuesday 19th April 2022 around 4 pm.

The Horrible Incident

The couple with their daughter was celebrating their vacation in their Spanish house. While their teenage son remained at home only in France. When he tried their number on 19th of April, and none of them picked up, then he raised a complaint at the local police station for not being able to contact them. And after that officers checked the villa and found their bodies.

It is believed that he hacked his wife and daughter with an ax to death and then committed suicide in the courtyard of their Spanish home.  And at the same time, it is also believed that some killer entered and killed them all as there is no clue for suicide.

No blood was found on his body, but there was some blood on his socks only. It indicates that the murderer was wearing gloves at that time.

Their samples are sent for the autopsy and police are waiting for their results and as well as they are looking for CCTV footage also to check if anyone from outside entered their home.

About Sergey Protosenya

Fifty-five-year-old Sergey Protosenyawas working in the position of deputy chairman of the board of directors (BOD) for a natural gas company, named Novatek for more than seven years in Russia. And fortunately, he has amassed a fortune of several hundred million dollars.

Their bodies were found dead and the almost same incident happened one day before also, when another Russian multimillionaire’s family was found dead, including his wife and daughter at their Moscow home. This incident makes it more mysterious.

Investigations are still on but unfortunately, still there is no solution. They said that there was no old record of domestic violence or any kind of abuse against him.

We just can pray for their families and hope that cops will arrest the person behind these incidents very soon.

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