The missing UIC Grad students’ bodies of Daniel Sotelo and his girlfriend, NatallyBrookson, were found in a lake near Wilmette

The missing UIC Grad students’ bodies of Daniel Sotelo and his girlfriend, NatallyBrookson, were found in a lake near Wilmette: Daniel Soteloand  NatallyBrookson both were UIC Grad students. They had been missing for late April.  The families put the matter into the police’s probe to find out their children.  Later the authorities revealed to the families, that they found their bodies in the water, which left everyone in a major shock as they were praying for well being of their kids. It was heartbroken news for the family. They want to know hidden stories of their kids’ death but the reason for their death has not been revealed yet. However, the police investigation is still going on. For more news follow

As per the reports, a body was found in  Lake Michigan near Wilmette earlier this month, the experts have identified the body as Daniel Sotelo, 26. The Cook County medical examiner’s office used the dental records to identify the person,  DanielSotelo. ButDaniel Sotelo’s death cause and manner of his death are still pending. We are trying to determine more information about him to detect Daniel Sotelo’s death cause. The boy had been seen last on April 29  in the 1700 block of South Racine Avenue as per the report of the Chicago police. His girlfriend, NatallyBrookson’s body was found in Lake Michigan on May 2.  Her cause of death is also under probe, as per the reports. The girl was seen on April 30 at work at the Friedman Place which is a supportive living community for adults who are blind at 5527 N. Maplewood Ave as per the reports.


Daniel Sotelo’s family confirmed his death in an Instagram post with an emotional post,”  He was a brilliant student and was helpful to others always.  His kindness and greatness could be seen in his eyes. His smile used to win the heart of others in no time. He was our heart as he loved and cared for us a lot, Today, I felt blessed to spend 26 years with a kind-hearted soul. We always missed you, My son”.

Her sister, Jennifer Sotelo made a statement for his brother,” My brother Daniel Sotelo was light for us. It was the worst moment for us when we came to know about his death. We felt as if we lost the color of happiness and fun in our lives. I hope you, my bro, May you live rest in peace”.

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