The Masked Singer Season 7 Finale: Picks the Last Finalist Who Will Compete for the Golden Mask Trophy

The Masked Singer Season 7 Finale: The Masked Singer Season 7 Picks the Last Finalist Who Will Compete for the Golden Mask Trophy: In the Wednesday episode, The Prince, Space Bunny, and Queen Cobra faced a tough competition to go ahead in the show. They all gave their best to get the last spot in The Masked Singer Finale. All three uncovered celebrities performed a final solo performance to get a chance to take on Firefly and Ringmaster. The Wednesday episode was very enthralling for the audience. For more details follow

It was a very tough decision for judges to select the last finalist. All panelists and host Nick Cannon also helped judges to make that crucial decision.

First of all, Prince (from the good team) arrived on the stage and opened with his clue,” dream of escaping my small poprince-costume-the-masked-singernd” as a kid”. It seemed, that no one was listening to him and he added people only judge me on my outer appearance. I know that truth, I have to wipe my tears and keep pushing in the same direction. Then the frog said finally after so many years people will recognize me for my true talent. Further prince stated, that he came to this show to find out his real identity and I want people will know him for his real talent.

the space bunny

Afterward, the space bunny took over the stage with his clue,” come from a tiny borough where time seems to slow down”. His clue featured two angels, a crown, a boom box, and a drill. Then a talented contestant showed rap skill with Now That We Found Love”. The audience and judges enjoyed the performances a lot. Then Cannon, asked space-bunny how he was feeling and the rabbit said,” I am feeling like a great man and here I have come to gather lots of appreciation and audience love”.

Queen Cobra

Queen Cobra performed on the stage and also revealed they are three singers. Their clue package is “once upon a time we were three queens from very different worlds,”. All were stunned by the performance Cannon asked them to tell their favorite fairytale and one of them answered, we like “The Wiz”.

Now, this was the time for voting, the panel and studio audience cast their votes. And as per their voting, Space Bunny would be the first singer moving home. After Shaggy performed unmasked and Cannon named Queen Cobra as the final singer leaving the competition. Later the Queen cobra came up on stage when their masks came off. It means The prince is going to perform in the finale.



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