The Masked Singer Elimination Tonight: Who went home on The Masked Singer Tonight 2022?

Fan Favourite Character got eliminated in the show “The Masked Singer”: This is big heartbreaking news for the fans.  Baby Mammoth, The Prince, Space Bunny, and Queen Cobra are entertaining the audience for a second time on the fox but the show has revealed a surprising truth- Only three-move ahead in the show.

The post is all about the interesting fight between all four contestants Baby Mammoth, The Prince, Space Bunny, and Queen to be the last mask dancing in the show.  All the contestants are performed well but one elimination in the show already confirmed.

The long story is short, here you will get all the details of the Wednesday episode of the show “The Masked Singer”.

All the panelists have come on the stage for the journey and the host (Nick Cannon) revealed a mega clue after each performance. The clue was related to their previous performance on the show.

Who went home on The Masked Singer Tonight 2022?

Queen Cobra (Bad singer ) has rocked the night by choosing a wit clue package.  The interesting package is “They have no idea how many of me there are slithering up here, let alone who I am”.

The team entertained the audience by creating some suspense for them and suddenly broke the ice by showing their singing talent on the stage. Teams got lots of appreciation for their performance. And the panelist Robin Thicke, 45 said, “ I am already serpent and you guys are going to rock the finale. Queen Cobra reveals the meaning of her clue “Be Mine” to the audience.

Space Bunny (Team Cuddly) covered Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long (All Night).” And interestingly showed their clue by unveiling a barbell weighing 500 lbs. They surprised the audience with their unexpected performance on the stage.

Baby Mammoth performed the song ” The ShoopShoop”.  Afterward, the men in black revealed the mega clue as to a birdcage with the warning and danger for animals.

The Prince crooned the emotional cover of Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”.  Prince got the love of panelists and the audience too.

The Masked Singer Elimination Tonight: Baby Mammoth, The Prince, Space Bunny, and Queen:-

After the voting  Baby Mammoth and Space Bunny were in a faceoff and had to battle to continue the show. Finally, after the performances, the judges voted for the space bunny and asked Baby Mammoth to unmask. While in the last episode, Baby Mammoth fired the stage and got lots of positive comments from the judges. Panelists and audience.

The Masked Singer: Baby Mammoth, The Prince, Space Bunny, and Queen:-

All the four contestants in the show are doing their best and they are so happy to be a part of this show. They are amazing as they all give their best performances in the show.

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