Edward Cabrera makes history at MLB with 96 mph changeup: Netizens in awe

Edward Cabrera makes history at MLB with 96 mph changeup: Netizens in awe: Edward Cabrera made history yesterday with a changeup velocity of 96 mph. The Marlins pitcher surprised everyone with his speed and experts pointed that he was almost unhittable at that speed. He also had a 99 mph fastball. The video has gone viral on social media and netizens are amazed with the performance. For more details follow onbreakingnews.com

Edward Cabrera makes history at MLB with 96 mph changeup: Netizens in awe

Interestingly, the average velocity on MLB was around 91 mph in the last decade. However, things started to change somewhere after 2010 and pitchers are now coming up with unbelievable speeds close to 100 mph on many occasions. It is surprising to see that the average Major League Football fastball is around 94 in this 2022 season. Every team has at least one pitcher who can hit such speed without much strain. This is a new trend in baseball and it has made the game more interesting for every fan.

Baseball Savant, the 96 mph CH strikeout

According to Baseball Savant, the 96 mph CH strikeout delivered by Edward was the hardest CH strikeout ever recorded in recent years. This is the fastest changeup recorded in MLB history. The changeup becomes even more difficult to handle when it drops in velocity at a later stage. Cabrere is good at making circle change movements and this is difficult to hit according to experts.

Fans expressed their excitement

Fans expressed their excitement and astonishment on Twitter regarding the unbelievable 96mph changeup of Edward. One of the user commented that the changeup was absurd and it was practically unfair for anyone to hit the ball at that speed. Many users were also asking how is anyone supposed to hit such a high speed changeup. Interestingly, Edward ended up getting the first hit of the game in the sixth innings. This was an incredible performance and he looks to be in top form.

Prediction from Experts

Experts are left wondering at what will be the future trend of baseball if all the pitchers start hitting such high speeds in future. Even as of now, the speed has increased by over a few miles just in the last decade and it is likely to improve further if such barriers like 100 mph are regularly broken. It is also psychological barrier for many pitchers and when they see others doing it regularly, they also tend to improve their speed in the long run. This is definitely going to make the game more exciting and fans are not complaining about the high speed pitchers in the game.

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