The Kardashians Season 1 Episode 6 Preview, Grab what happens next & Release Date

The Kardashians Season 1 Episode 6 Preview, Grab what happens next & Release Date: Every episode of the series comes up with lots of drama for us. But episode 6 will surely bring one level+ more drama than we expect with it. The Kardashians is the most popular family drama series and fans are eagerly waiting for upcoming episode 6 to experience dramatic scenes between the family members. The preview of the episode was released to provide us with a glimpse of the coming episode 6.

Release date of upcoming episode 6:-

Episode 6 of the Kardashians Season 1 will be telecasted on May 19 (Thursday) at 12:01 AM ET on Hulu and 03:00 AM ET on Disney+. So, fans save the date and time to experience the unseen drama in the upcoming episode of the series. As you know, the Kardashians feature the Kardashian and Jenner sisters. They are managing their million-dollar businesses and trying to handle their personal life. In this upcoming season, you will see the character standing in the odd situation. To explore the whole episode, just stay tuned with us.

The preview of the episode revealed the main facts of episode 6 to us. So, we have unlocked the episode that is based on the preview. You will grab the romantic moments between Kourtney and Travis. Further fans will see Kim is feeling nervous as she is checking her bar exam result in front of her team. She stated in the promo, “ My heart is racing fast” which means she is so nervous about her bar results as her entire future of her depends on it. If she does not qualify for the test, she never get her dream career as a lawyer, these kinda thoughts are making her nervous about her bar exam result. On the other side, you will see that she is making efforts to save a convicted criminal, as she feels the person is good but someone has falsy accused him.

The drama will continue with Kendall and Scott’s argument in episode 6. In the previous episode, both were in a high knot of argument. However, you will experience in episode 6 the aftermath of the argument they had in the last episode. In the promo, she said to him,” You immediately attacked me”. So guys ready to experience lots of drama in the upcoming episode of Kardashians Season 1 on May 19. 2022.

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