The Dropout Series-Finale Recap: Okay, Bye

The Downfall of Theranos


As the finale of Dropout arrives, John Carreyou publishes his article on the fraud done by Theranos in “The Wall Street Journal”, but Sunny Balwani denies all of it, let’s see how everything unfolds in this episode.

All the lies that Elizabeth has been building on, fall flat on her. Every proof against Theranos stands in front of Elizabeth starting from Carreyou’s Wall Street Journal in October 2015, to the CMS report on Theranos in February 2016 which led to a 2 years lab shut-down and then the ultimate destruction of Theranos.

Although this episode covers 7 years in 52 mins, it truly defines the fraud and damage been done by Theranos, whether we talk about the financial loss that the investors faced or the patients who received wrong test results, or the employees who lost their job and were not taken by any other company because of having Theranos on resume, the loss was huge.


Proofs Against Theranos


Gary from CMS has accomplished what many could never do in past. He was also cautioned by Ericka Cheung’s letter as she was smart enough to see what John Carryrou also saw. She had put her name very bravely on CMS, and she was determined to expose her, which inspired Tyler to confess to his Grandpa that he had spoken to Carryrou previously and will do that again, this time using his name. Still, George strangely took Elizabeth’s side.


End Of Sunny And Elizabeth’s Relationship


“LIZZY” represents the fall of Theranos and of Elizabeth and Sunny’s relationship, where they blame each other, and mistrust, and secrecy creeps in between them. Elizabeth also tells the board members that Sunny has decided to step down, and she leaves him by saying the final words, “Okay, bye”

Elizabeth knows how to turn the tables from the real issue, and so she diverts Carryrou’s article to creating issues on “sexism”, also she gathers support from board members, however, after the investigation everything that Carryrou wrote came out to be true, and that brings out Elizabeth’s reality in the world.


The End


The dropout shows that Elizabeth is in great denial of her deads, she acts as if she is unaware of the fact that she destroyed the lives of so many people and doesn’t even dare to apologize in an interview. When Linda calls her up and talks about the destruction that she has done, she runs away.

After the botched interview, she takes her bun out and rubs off her lipstick. In 2017, she looks like her old self again, untidy, business-casual self again. She’s still “Lizzy”, whispering in bed with her new boyfriend, Billy, making plans to attend Burning Man. But even though Theranos ended, the aftermath didn’t end and the consequences were faced by many, even now in Silicon Valley female entrepreneurs have trouble getting funds. People associated with Theranos were damaged for a lifetime. If you are thinking about what happened to Sunny, his trials started soon and Elizabeth was awaiting sentencing.

What time will The Dropout finale air? Release date, plot and more about episode 8, Okay, Bye :-

It was released on 7th April 2022

Appreciation Points


  • Let’s appreciate Amanda Seyfried’s work in the show, as the show would not have been successful if she wouldn’t give all her focus on Elizabeth’s Homes.
  • Although the story is intense, we can also see comedy in scenes when Sunny confronts her in the bedroom in the eyeless mask of her face.
  • When Linda says, “ Wow, you guys are such good liars”, it is one of the funniest punch lines in the entire story.



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