Thanks to the Home Testing Bowel Cancer Kit saved the life of a Grandmother 

The 74-year-old grandmother from Black Country said that her life was saved from bowel cancer. It happened because of the home testing bowel cancer kit. Then, she urged the people struggling with bowel problems to use the home testing kit.

It is the top quality testing kit to screen the bowel-related problems happening in people. Majorie Harper is a 74-year-old woman based in Coseley diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2019. She revealed the recovery process as it happened with the help of the home testing kit.

She described the kit as a life-saving product. The cases of bowel-related problems are happening in the people of the age group of 60 to 74 years. Furthermore, people belonging to the age group of 60 years and above should start considering the change in their bowel habits.

Second largest cancer affecting the UK population is Bowel Cancer 

The change in bowel habits refers to the condition in which there are changes in the stool color, frequency, color, or consistency. The abnormal changes are happening in the bowel related to its color changing from black, tarry stool and clay-colored stools. Majorie was admitted to the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust. The scanning started in her body to know her bowel cancer condition.

The 74-year-old female said it was a scary condition for her when she was diagnosed with cancer. She told her family about it. But, Majorie remained strong during the treatment procedure. She is fit and healthy again after fighting bowel cancer. Dr. Elgaddel did the treatment of Majorie.

It took five months to complete the treatment procedure in the medical center. Still, it was a tough time for Majorie to deal with the complications happening in the body due to bowel cancer. She worked in the social center and then took retirement. She started taking care of her children and grandchildren after recovering from bowel cancer.

60+ age group people keep a continuous check on their bowel movements 

She appreciated the efforts of the bowel cancer team and NHS trust for supporting her in the treatment process. However, Bowel Cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the United Kingdom (UK). Every person living in the UK is diagnosed with bowel cancer every 15 minutes.

The people facing the early symptoms of bowel cancer should not ignore it. They need to take the home test kit for bowel cancer for testing purposes. If you belong to the age group of 60+, consider the changes happening in your bowel movements.

What is Change in bowel habits:-

A change in bowel habits clearly means a change in stool, including color, frequency, consistency, or how much control an individual has over when he or she moves their bowels (incontinence).

What is Colorectal Cancer:-

Colorectal Cancer starts in the colon or in the rectum. Such cancers can also be known as colon cancer or rectal cancer, relying on where they start.

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