Texas school shooting victims were all in the same class and murdered by gunman Salvador Ramos

 Texas school shooting victims were all in the same class and murdered by gunman Salvador Ramos 19 kids and their teachers have been killed at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde yesterday. All the kids in the same fourth-grade classroom may be under the age of  11. It was a piece of heartbroken news for the school management and parents as they lost their kids and teachers in the incident. Ramos,18 years has bought two AR-15 guns on his 18th  birthday. He also posted on her Instagram and wrote a caption, ‘he had a little secret and he wanted to share ‘. He tagged the photo of the gun that he bought for himself on his 18th birthday.

 Texas school shooting victims list:-

As per the report, he was a self-harming loner and usually bullied for his dirty clothes and low standard of living.  He managed to save nearly $5,000 to buy two  AR-15 guns and three hundred bullets after turning 18 years old.

The killer was known to the police because of his heated and violent argument with his drugs addicted mother.  After he left her home and went to live with his grandmother. Currently, his mother is fighting for life in the hospital.  On Tuesday morning, the loner shot his grandmother before leaving school due to an argument between them. The matter has not been clear yet.  The grandmother’s age is around 60-year-old  has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition.  A 10 years old girl tried to call 911 when the killer opened fire on them. But the killer shot her and later she has been declared dead by the doctors.

Texas school shooting victims list

Texas school shooting victims: Amerie Jo Garza was a student of a fourth-grade girl at Robb Elementary in the city of Uvalde, Texas. She was killed by the loner on Tuesday.  The killer stood in the school carrying a handgun and rifle and later opened fire in the classroom that was filled with the students. Two teachers also have been killed in this horrible attack.

Texas school shooting victims: The girl’s grandmother told to the Daily Beast, that the killer Ramos announced to the class, you all are going to die before he began firing on them. He shot her daughter dead as she tried to call 911. The girl, Amerie sat next to her fast friend who was also left covered in the blood.

The killer has been stopped by the Border Patrol agent who had been manning a nearby post. As he heard the noise that was coming from the school and rushed to school. They both started to fight and exchanged the gun with the loner who was killed. The agent was also wounded and he walked out of the school to call for help. Some students were declared dead and some were admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

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