Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wins Republican primary

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wins Republican primary: According to latest news coming from official sources, Ken Paxton has won the Republic primary defeating George P Bush who currently holds the position of Texas General Land Office Commissioner.

Republican party supports Paxton

Ken Paxton got 67% with 589973 votes while Bush managed to get 32% with 281419 votes. This is a decent margin and Ken Paxton acknowledged the support in his victory speech. He had the backing of top names in the Republican party.

Texas Attorney General

Interestingly, Paxton was fully supported by former President Donald Trump and is considered the right choice for Texas Attorney General by many people as he has plans to move it further to the right. Paxton made the victory speech by mentioning the mass shooting that happened in Texas yesterday. In the unfortunate incident, about 21 people including 18 children were killed by gunman. The incident happened at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas.

Ken Paxton news about elections

The Internet is full of Ken Paxton news after the resounding victory over George Bush. He was initially criticized for many charges and Bush had mentioned that the party is taking a big risk with Paxton. However, the gamble paid off as Paxton got a decent margin.

Georgia Election results announced

The Georgia election results have now tilted completely in favour of Paxton as he has managed to secure comfortable margin over Bush. Interestingly, Paxton had several legal troubles in the past as he had corruption charges against him by the FBI.

Georgia Primary 2022 results

Ken Paxton has managed to secure this victory even after having these charges by the FBI and other agencies. People have trusted him with power and this is a good going for the Republicans after the Georgia Primary 2022 results are announced.

Georgia Primary Election results

George Bush had all the way accused Paxton of corruption charges and this will make it difficult for the party to counter the Democrats in the future. However, he lost the elections clearly and things became evident soon after Georgia primary election results were announced in the early hours of the day.

Paxton meanwhile said that he will be moving to Texas to meet the family members of the mass shooting victims. He said that they need the support in this difficult situation and he plans to visit them soon after the initial formalities are completed at the office.


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