Telling our son his father was in jail is the worst thing for me:

Telling our son his father was in jail is the worst thing for me: Devastated Lily Becker tears into fallen tennis star husband Boris who ‘had it all and blew the lot’

Lily Becker revealed that it was the worst thing for me to tell our son about the sentence of his father but we all know that the only woman is the one who has to clean up all the mess always.

Our son always admires his dad as he is the best father in the world. This is a piece of heartbroken news for him but he deserves to know this thing. And Mrs Boris Becker has done it with the manual instruction on the subject. She got too nervous when she realized that she have to break this news to his son, Amadeus.

Before telling him directly first she asked a family friend who was supposed to be the headteacher to help her to tell Amadeus about his beloved dad and tennis legend Boris have to spend two years in the jail over charges relating to his bankruptcy. His sentence has damaged his image, career and reputation badly.

Our son even had no idea, his dad was facing a jury at Southwark Crown Court last month due to avoid some paying debt that was unexpected to him. But is true that the tennis player was engaged in asset hidden crime to avoid paying some debt. His sentence was not expected that is why we didn’t tell our son about it.

When his sentence has announced everyone was in shock but I was the only one who has to tell this bitter truth to Amadeus. I called my friend to seek help to tell the shocking news to his son as her friend knew Amadeus very well from his childhood. Then we are all set to tell him about his dad’s sentence.

We told him about the whole incident in the playroom where he feels safe and comfortable. It was so tough for me to explain the crime of his dad. I never forget his surprised blue eyes same as Boris when I told him the truth about her dad. The sentence was announced on Saturday while Amadeus met her dad on Friday.

As the son came to know about the sentence of his father, he was like how can it possible, I met him yesterday. He stopped crying which put me in more fear. Then I ask him if he wanted some privacy and he said yes. Then our son goggled about the news and it was a shocking truth for me.

Now as a single mother, I have to take all the responsibility for him till his father comes out of jail.

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