Superstar Singer 2 full episode: written update on 14th May 2022

Superstar Singer 2 full episode: written update on 14th May 2022: Superstar Singer 2 aired on Sony TV has entered the 4th week and the theme for the week is “Great Indian Joint Family”. In today’s 14th May 2022 episode, the top 15 contestants will be selected and things are looking very exciting going by the promo released for the episode.

Interestingly, even Captains will be selected and today’s episode celebrates the coming together of the entire crew of the program. The episode is a mix of performances from different categories and this makes it interesting to watch. You get to see fun-filled songs as well as the ones that move and melt your heart with their melody.

Superstar Singer 2 Full Episode 3:-

Superstar Singer 2 Full Episode 3: One such performance is the emotional song by Captain Danish and Chetanya. Their impeccable singing melts the hearts of viewers and even judges were seen getting emotional during the performance.

Mani was seen performing the song Mai Teri Chunaria which got good compliments from the judges. The judges were moved by the depth of singing and they appreciated the performance from the bottom of their hearts.

Superstar Singer 2 New Promo:-

Participant’s Performances:-

To make things interesting in this episode, Vishwaja and Sayli came up with a fun-filled song. This improved the mood of the show and everyone was seen enjoying the performance. Pranjal however took a different route and came up with a spiritual song for the episode. Pranjal is well known for his folk style of singing and his unique style has impressed the judges big time in the recent episodes.

The show can be watched online at and you can check more details about the show from this portal. You can also download the SonyLiv app and get all the episodes of Superstar Singer 2. Keep watching this space to know more details about the top 15 contestants of this program.

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