St. Louis Blues stunning comeback in Avalanche

St. Louis Blues stunning comeback in Avalanche: For the first time, after 20 years, it is happening again. It was 1 minute away from its western conference finals. Now this game seems to be in the court of St. Louis. It seems that in game 6, it is going to be the winner. For more sports updates follow

As we know, Blues vs avalanche ice hockey games are going on. In game 5, AVS (Colorado Avalanche) was doing good. But due to the bad performance of Nathan MacKinnon, the game has taken a shocking turn. And Blues won it, while the AVS was supposed to win.

After watching this performance, MacKinnon said, we can’t win now. It is all over. He said moreover that is has got a hat trick, he is not just getting points. He is here just to win. And we still are on the same rope.

When TylerBozak was playing, they took the extra period and this was the time when he gave Colorado a gut-punch loss. The team was declared as a winner team at 3.39 am. Although AVS was also playing very well, it was just 56 seconds away from the winning game 6.

AVS captain Gabe Landeskog said that they are playing just to win. And they are playing very well and we are still playing as usual.

In the game series 6 of Friday night, which was held in St. Louis, Colorado led the series with 3-2.  And now it is quite possible that the game 7 will be held on Sunday at Ball Arena. This is the team, which score very well, for a change and after a long time. It used to lose in every game in this series.

After watching it, the public went crazy. They were liking it badly.

About the St. Louis Blue team

This is a professional hockey team, which is based in St. Louis. In the western conference, it completed its NHL, as a central division.

This franchise was founded in 1967. At that time, this was one of the 6 teams from the NHL expressions of 1967. Its name is inspired by the song Saint Louis Blues by W C Handy. This team won the Stanley cup 2019.  And recently also, this team is playing wonderfully.

About the Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche is also a professional hockey team, which is based in Denver. In the western conference, it completed its NHL, as a central division.  This team was founded in 1972 and plays its home games in Ball Arena.

This team always plays games wonderfully. And there is a huge list of ice hockey fans and all of them are happy to know about these teams, in fact, they go and watch games live.



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