Spanish Cliff Diver Reddit: Stunt went wrong – Wife, Son watch Man jumping off a 100-foot cliff to death

Spanish Cliff Diver Reddit: Stunt went wrong – Wife, Son watch Man jumping off a 100-foot cliff to death: In a tragic incident that happened to a family on vacation in Majorca, Spain, a man died after he jumped off a cliff while his wife and son were witnesses to the incident. The place is famous for cliff jumping and many tourists take part in such adventure sports activities. However, the person aged 31 years was not lucky on Thursday when he planned such adventure sports in Malgrats Islands. For world, news follow

The family had made all arrangements to film the jump and they were watching it from a boat. The entire incident of the person jumping to death was captured on phone and the visuals can be clearly seen in the video. The person hit the rocks before hitting the water below and died. Media reports also indicate that the screams of the person could be heard during the incident.

jumping off a cliff in Spain: video:-

The region is well known for such adventure activities and authorities are investigating the incident. The Maritime Safe and Civil Protection unit along with the local police arrived at the spot after getting information about the incident.

Body of the Man was Found on the Spot:-

After many hours of a search operation, the body of the man was found on the spot. A helicopter was also pressed into service along with a service boat for the search operation. Netizens are expressing their disbelief and anger over the incident as it was not a good idea to do such stunts without proper knowledge about the surrounding area.

From the video, it is clearly evident that the person chose the wrong spot to make the jump. The calculation went wrong in this situation and he was too close to the rocks at the time of the jump. It is also the responsibility of the authorities to prevent such incidents in tourist spots by installing warning signs at dangerous spots. However, it is not clear if the person violated such warnings at the tourist spot or if there were no such warning signs at the location.

What is unfortunate in the entire incident is that the wife and son watched the whole incident from a distance and could not do anything to stop the incident. Tourists also get over-enthusiastic on some occasions and throw safety to caution. They need to understand that life is very precious and it can be lost with a moment of negligence. Social media was full of angry reactions with most people terming the act stupid as the man did such stunts without proper guidance from experts.

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