Spacex launch location today: SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites-a big success for the company

SpaceX launches 53 Starlink satellites-a big success for the company: A SpaceX has launched more than 48 new Starlink internet satellites into orbit before dawn on Friday and also tied a record of 12th flight for its Falcon 9 rocket. The company set a new record or standard for rocket reusability.

SpaceX launch schedule 2022 Florida:-

The Falcon 9 rocket topped with the 53 of SpaceX’sStarlink internet satellite this is lit up before sunrise above Florida as it lifted off from Pad 39A of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida Friday at 5:42 a.m. EDT.

This is a great success for SpaceX and marked the 12th launch for this two-stage Falcon 9 rocket. And tied a new company reuse record. The company has flown three Falcon 9 boosters 12 times yet.


After launching today’s live satellite, it will fly again and landed the boosters on its drone ship successfully which was the 111th  recovery landing for the SpaceX company.

SpaceX launch schedule 2022 Florida

Starlink is the ever-growing constellation of broadband satellites that is developed by SpaceX. And the company has set new records in the company as it has launched 24ooStarlink spacecraft today. Many of its launches in 2022 are dedicated to the Starlink missions.

The success’s race has not finished there, Starlink is in racing to launch more flights this year. Starlink is providing internet services to different countries located around the globe that consist of up to 30000 satellites.

Rocket launch today live has made 2022, the biggest year for the Space X. Because of its busy schedule, the company has launched 6 missions in April- The AX-1 mission aims to send


four astronauts to the international space station. The Ax-1 will reach back to the earth after at least 15 days. The Crew-4 mission is the latest astronaut flight which has sent four professional space flyers for a lengthy stay. The Crew-4 is launched on the 27th of April and will be up there for at least six months as the Crew-3 which launched in November. McCullough said that till now we don’t have any idea about their slowing to the earth.

“Reusing technique has enhanced our number of launches per week and now we can do one launch per week. It has increased our efficiency that proves beneficial for the whole world”, McCullough said during today’s live launch.

Recently, Starlink got so much praise these days but also it had to face criticism from astronomers and NASA officials.










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