Should you buy, sell, or keep Tata Steel stock as it climbs after reporting results?

Tata Steel’s net profit increased 46.8% year on year: Its total revenue was Rs. 69,324 crores, which was 38.6 percent more than last year’s revenue. Last year this revenue was 50.028 crore. Recently, Tata steel reported Rs 9,756 crore YOY profit, which is 46.8% for the quarter ended in March 2022, and the European business is delivering a strong performance in this. This company’s declared its profit after tax as Rs 9,835 crore, which was up by 37.32%. This counting was finished in March 2022.

In 2012, this company reported its highest consolidated EBITDA of Rs 63,830 crore. And after paying tax also, profit was the highest ever, which is Rs. 41,749 crores. And it is the highest profit ever in history.

Its board recommended a dividend of Rs 51/- per fully paid equity share and if we talk about partially paid equity shares, it is 12.75. They further recommended a 10:1 stock split too.

T V Narendran, the chief executive officer and managing director of Tata Steel said that European operations delivered wonderful performance as a transformation program, which helped to lift the strong business environment.

Profit in this year was very high as compared to the profit of YL2021. This was Rs 4349 crore and while in FY2021, it was Rs. 1194 crores, which is a really very high difference. This is the highest number to date. They have closed their counting of the year FY2021 in March 2021, According to executive director and chief financial officer, Koushik Chatterjee.


Luckily, in the past two years, this company reduced net debt by almost Rs 53,000 crores. According to Chatterjee, In the coming years, they will be working harder for better performance. It will start its year with a capital of Rs 12,000 crore.

Tata Steel Share Price:-

Tata Steel share price

Tata Steel Limited or the Tata steels is a multinational steel-making company, which is based in Jharkhand, India. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.  This is a part of the Tata group. Tata steels are formerly known as TISCO or the Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited.

This was founded by JamsetjiNusserwanji Tata 1907. It was established by Sir DorabjiTata. Now, this business has been expanded all over the world. It has expanded its business in almost all categories. Tata has launched its electronic vehicles also, which are becoming very famous. Tata steel is one of them, which is gaining a lot of profits very much.



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