Shireen Abu Akleh: Shireen Abu’s killing is a start reminder of Israel Palestine conflict

Shireen Abu Akleh: Shireen Abu’s killing is a start reminder of the Israel Palestine conflict: The recent conflicts in Ukraine are highlighted in a big way in the media and every second nation is having some opinion about the issue. Even though such intervention by global leaders and powerful nations if required to resolve such issues, it is sad to see that only a few issues gain the spotlight. The Ukraine issue is relatively new and it has gotten good attention from all sections of the media in every nation. For world, news follow

On the other hand, the Israel Palestine conflict is nearly forgotten by global media and no big global leader is commenting on the real issues even though the problem continues to exist even to this day. The recent killing of Palestinian-American Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh on 11th May 2022 is a testimonial to this fact. The journalist also worked for Al Jazeera as a correspondent and she was brutally murdered in West Bank.

Al Jazeera Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh:-

The controversial report of Amnesty International about Israel’s attack on Palestinians has triggered new clashes in the region. During the Ramadan season, Israeli security forces clashed with Palestinian protestors. Hamas used the opportunity to threaten to bomb Israel. This would obviously lead to the bombing of Gaza as it has happened in the past.

Researchers often wonder if criticizing Israel is the same as antisemitism. Both anti-Zionism and anti-feminism are not able to resolve the issue in the long run and they have their own flaws when it comes to execution. According to experts in this area, Zionism stands for the right of Jews to live in a peaceful manner in their ancestral land. However, practically this prohibits Palestinians to occupy their ancestral land in the same manner.

In the same way, Zionism is also silent on the imprisonment of Israeli citizens who are not able to complete the mandated military service. In many cases, anti-Zionism is used as a cover for their anti-Semitism methods, and always blame the Jews for controlling the media and instigating war.

Recently, many attacks were done on Jews in Los Angeles, London, and other regions. The general hatred against Muslims is used by certain groups of people to promote Zionism. Experts are of the opinion that if complete peace has to come to the region, both Jews and Arabs need equal rights as was done after the apartheid regime in South Africa.

As of now, both of them are suffering due to the circumstances as Jews are forced to move to different countries in some cases and atrocities are done against Arabs on other occasions.


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