Selin Mengu of “Married at First Sight” fame hints at joining OnlyFans soon:

Selin Mengu of “Married at First Sight” fame hints at joining OnlyFans soon: Selin Mengu who shot to fame with the reality TV show “Married at First Sight” has hinted that she may join OnlyFans. This has come as a huge surprise for her fans and many of them are excited to catch explicit photos of the model on the adult platform. As of now, she is popular on Instagram and other regular social media platforms that do not allow explicit content. For more news follow

Selin Mengu of “Married at First Sight” fame hints at joining OnlyFans soon

She was interacting with her fans on Instagram Stories and admitted during a question and answer session that she has plans to join OnlyFans. When one of the users asked if she would post on the adult platform, she replied by asking if he would be the main subscriber. She also mentioned that she is happy and respects herself with all her flaws as she is proud of her body.

The 33-year-old model shot to fame after participating in Married at First Sight. Her relationship with wrestler Anthony Cincotta ended halfway through the show and she said that she wanted to end it in a proper manner. She mentioned that even Anthony wanted to end it in a peaceful manner and both of them parted ways during the show.

She is a single mother and says that she is ready to mingle if she gets to meet the right person. Interestingly, many other reality TV stars have joined OnlyFans after coming out of the shows. There is a great demand for such stars on the adult platform and some of them are making good money through explicit content. Another popular reality TV star who joined OnlyFans a few years back recently said that she has made over a million dollars on the platform.

Selin also mentioned that she gets a lot of requests for her feet pictures and she may put it to good use on the adult platform. Selin has always been vocal about her feelings and she had no issues with the Married at the First Sight show. After coming out of the show, she mentioned in an interview that the experiment was worth the effort as she learned that seeking love was not selfish and everyone deserved to find love. The star has a good following after coming out of the reality TV show. It would be interesting to see how she makes her debut on OnlyFans as she has hinted that she may join it soon. Fans are eagerly waiting to see her explicit photos on the adult platform.

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